Success Story: Boehringer Ingelheim

Successful upgrade to SAP IDM 8.0 in an intuitive SAP Fiori user interface

Xiting’s extensive service portfolio in identity management enabled the successful implementation of a complex SAP IDM project for one of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies worldwide, Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH. The project mainly focused on the upgrade to SAP IDM 8.0 and the implementation of the intuitive IDM user interface „Xiting Fiori UI (XIFI)“ developed by Xiting. The integration of SAP IDM with SAP Access Control (GRC) represented an essential part of the project, aimed at helping our customer meet compliance requirements. The transformation of important business processes created numerous advantages for our customer in terms of further management of identities in a modern and user-friendly SAP Fiori user interface.

“With the support of Xiting, we have managed to significantly optimize existing SAP IDM processes and to automate those in the areas of risk check, training and access review. In addition, the use of the Xiting Fiori UI app enabled a modern visual design and interface in a quick and cost-effective manner.“

Daniel Gallego Head of SAP Authorization Management Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH


The main objective of the SAP IDM project carried out by Xiting for the market-leading pharmaceutical company, Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH, was the successful upgrade from SAP IDM 7.2 to SAP IDM 8.0. The integration of SAP IDM with SAP Access Control (GRC integration) was an important part of the project in order to support future compliance checks, analyze business roles, comply with legal requirements and avoid conflicts of segregation of duties (SoD). The primary goal was to use the new functionalities to the fullest extent and to guarantee sustainable compliance. The project objectives also included the introduction of the Xiting Fiori UI (XIFI) software solution, enabling the use of a modern and user-friendly SAP Fiori interface for SAP Identity Management, which could be implemented and adapted to the existing SAP IDM system without great effort.


The upgrade to IDM 8.0 was planned and successfully completed during ongoing operations. The consolidation of three SAP IDM systems into a single productive system relieved the pressure on the previous DEV and QA environment. A particular challenge encountered was the integration of the risk analysis into the existing approval workflow as the check should be carried out based on business roles and not on individual authorizations. An approval workflow for the process of requesting fire-fighter roles was also implemented.


The know-how as a SAP IDM expert and the many years of project experience of Xiting GmbH ena-bled the implementation of important business processes in the area of user entry and exit, mass uploads via CSV and user access review. The centralized assignment of authorizations for all SAP system landscapes and the minimization of risks through GRC integration were both a great success. Manual administration in non-productive SAP systems has been significantly reduced. The introduction of a simple and intuitive user interface for SAP Identity Management through our product, Xiting IDM Fiori UI, enabled further user self-service functions as key benefits for our customer.


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