Engagement in climate protection for a secure future

Xiting is deeply committed to the well-being of our environment, which is why we are dedicated to sustainable efforts in climate and environmental protection. Since September 2019, we have successfully aimed to operate as a company that is 100% carbon-neutral, offsetting our emissions by supporting reforestation projects that involve planting trees to reduce greenhouse gases.

We base our stance on the scientific reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which, from Xiting’s perspective, constitutes a substantial source of information on the current climate emergency.

Forests without Frontiers

Since 2021, Xiting has been supporting the reforestation project Forests without Frontiers in Romania. In this year alone, 6,650 trees have been planted for Xiting. The goal is to establish native trees, dedicating efforts to the reforestation of damaged landscapes.

The organization plants trees twice a year exclusively in deforested areas where natural regeneration would not occur (145,000 trees since 2018). Only natural, biodiverse species are used, grown and maintained locally in legally protected areas adjacent to existing natural forests. Their key partner is the Foundation Conservation Carpathia (FCC), which is working on establishing the largest forested national park in Europe.

With a presence in Cluj, Romania, Xiting can directly collaborate with the organization locally. Xiting employees actively support the tree-planting actions on-site!

EuropAs Amazon in the Carpathians

Romania hosts some of the largest remaining primeval forest areas in Europe and is home to wolves, brown bears, lynxes, and more than a third of European plant species. However, extensive, uncontrolled deforestation has decimated the landscape. Ecologists speak of the greatest crisis in nature conservation in Europe, and awareness that the “Amazon of Europe” is increasingly breaking apart remains very low.

Forests Without Frontiers continuously works to protect existing areas of old-growth forest, restore degraded areas, and create essential corridors for wildlife. As part of the reforestation program, previously forested areas are regenerated in a selected area through the planting of sensitive, large-scale mixed tree species that border existing natural forests and buffer them. These are areas that have been brutally cleared, are located at elevations adjacent to alpine areas, and where natural regeneration has not occurred. In such areas, nature can be restored much more quickly through interventions, enabling the restoration of complex ecosystems.

Trees Planted

Do they show interest in our projects?

If you also want your company to engage in climate protection but are unsure about the necessary steps, our sustainability team will be happy to provide information about the Xiting Climate Protection Program. Feel free to contact [email protected]!

Our Climate Partnerships

Since 2019, Xiting has been actively committed to climate protection and operates as a company that is 100% carbon-neutral. Initially, this was done by supporting the Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation—an afforestation project where trees are planted on the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico. Since 2022, Xiting has been planting its own trees as well as those of its customers in the Forests Without Frontiers project.

Here, we showcase companies with whom we actively engage in climate partnerships. By availing themselves of our services, Xiting plants trees in return in the reforestation project, providing climate partners with a quick and easy way to get actively involved in the issue.

Hier präsentieren wir Unternehmen, mit denen wir aktiv Klima-Partnerschaften betreiben. Durch die Inanspruchnahme von Dienstleistungen pflanzt Xiting im Gegenzug Bäume im Aufforstungsprojekt, um so den Klima-Partnern ebenfalls die Möglichkeit zu geben, schnell und einfach für das Thema aktiv zu werden.

Our certificates

Forests Without Frontiers

Xiting & Climeworks

In addition to supporting Forest Without Frontiers, we also contribute monthly to the company Climeworks in Zurich. This forward-thinking company has long been engaged in innovative technologies and has developed a method to directly capture CO2 from the air and convert it into stone using complex filter technology. This approach is particularly efficient; large quantities of CO2 can be drawn directly from the air and collected as concentrated CO2 gas for customer supply or negative emission technologies. The CO2-free air is then released back into the atmosphere. This continuous cycle is ready to start again. The filter is reused multiple times and can withstand several thousand cycles.

Since the research of this complex technology needs to be advanced, and the construction of the filtering plants is still costly at this stage, support from sustainable companies is required to consistently evolve this method.

Da die Forschung dieser komplexen Technologie vorangetrieben werden muss und der Bau der Filteranlagen zu diesem Zeitpunkt noch kostspielig ist, bedarf es Unterstützung durch nachhaltige Unternehmen, diese Methode beständig weiterzuentwickeln.

More Xiting Projects

School Sponsorship in South Africa

Since 2011, Xiting has been a sponsor for the children of the Farm School in the Mapungubwe region in northern South Africa. The sponsorship covers tuition fees, books, school uniforms, transportation, meals, and school equipment, significantly impacting the local community.

In 2013, the sponsorship was expanded to support scientific research programs. This initiative enables the identification of local plant species and insects, some of which were previously undiscovered.


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