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Discover the top 5 use cases of the Xiting Security Platform (XSP), designed to revolutionize your SAP security management with comprehensive coverage, seamless integration, and advanced analytics. Unleash the power of XSP to protect and optimize your SAP ecosystem and beyond.

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Embrace the potential of the Xiting Security Platform (XSP) to support your business growth and cloud-first strategies. Harness the power of our cloud-based solution to adapt and expand your operations without the constraints of traditional on-premises solutions. Secure your SAP ecosystem with XSP’s state-of-the-art features and capabilities.

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In the contemporary, highly-digitized landscape of business, managing identities and access controls is a complex yet crucial task. The growing number of users, applications, and devices adds to this complexity, necessitating a robust system to manage who gets access to what information.

Typical Use Cases

Identity Consolidation

Identity consolidation merges local users into global users, enabling comprehensive risk analysis and business role provisioning across applications, even when user IDs differ for the same person in each system.

Cross-System SOD risk analysis

Cross-system SoD leverages consolidated identities to effectively identify and manage segregation of duties conflicts across applications, ensuring robust compliance and security, regardless of differing user IDs for the same person in each system.

Maximize and Extend SAP Access Control (GRC)

Enhance risk analysis and provisioning capabilities to SAP cloud applications, as well as non-SAP applications. Seamlessly extending the functionality of your SAP Access Control for optimal security management.

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