Efficient User Administration in SAP Systems

User administration in SAP ABAP systems is a challenge for many companies. And this challenge is becoming more and more complex due to constantly expanding security and governance requirements. Added to this is the high level of administrative effort required to manage the identities and authorizations in SAP ABAP systems in a traceable manner, as well as the fact that carrying out many manual actions – like creating, authorizing and locking users – increases the likelihood of errors.

With Xiting Central Workflows (XCW), we offer you standardized workflows according to SAP Best Practices for the most important use cases in user administration of SAP ABAP systems. Because of these standardized workflows, it will also be much easier to implement an SAP IDM should you choose to extend your range of functions beyond the scope of XCW.

XCW is suitable for both small and large customers, and can either be integrated into your SAP ABAP system landscape as a stand-alone product or used for a preliminary project for the introduction of an SAP IDM in order to establish standardized projects in a timely manner. The Fiori interfaces available in XCW are similar to those developed by Xiting for SAP IDM. Thus, users of both products will enjoy a consistent design across the system.

Standardized Self-Services

Approval workflows, password reset and user unlocking.

Predefined Workflows and Processes

User creation/user change, role assignments/revocations, and user creation (including role assignment).

Modern SAP Fiori UI

User-friendly, lucid and personalized.

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Xiting Central Workflows in Detail

Your Challenge

Many customers use Central User Administration (CUA) from SAP, which eliminates the need for local user administration. Unfortunately, CUA is no longer being further developed by SAP, which is why certain functions – such as workflows and self-services – are not available.

The new product From Xiting

Xiting Central Workflows (XCW) was developed to meet this challenge, allowing you to facilitate user administration of SAP ABAP systems with standardized workflows for user administration. With XCW, you can change and assign/revoke roles; manage the user creation process (including role assignment); and provide password self-services. XCW can be used in three different scenarios: without CUA in a separate defined system landscape, together with CUA, or locally on a single system.

The application’s comprehensive customization options enable you to use our standardized workflows while also adapting them to suit your enterprise. For example, you can create multi-stage approval procedures or role owner concepts with just a few clicks. Furthermore, XCW does not interfere with standard features of the SAP system and only uses standard APIs provided by SAP.

Workflow Management & Self-Services

The management of identities and role assignments within the SAP ABAP world shows this use case.

Your Benefits

Standardized workflows and individual customizations provide you with a lean solution for user administration in your SAP ABAP system landscape. XCW also offers an intuitive password self-service feature to allow end-users to reset their own password.

XCW provides your users with a modern experience through SAP Fiori interfaces, and the dashboards offer a real-time overview of workflows. With XCW, you simplify and automate your processes, and maintain a separation of functions between requester, approver and executing person.

Additionally, XCW fully integrates with its sister solution, the Xiting Authorizations Management Suite (XAMS), allowing administrators to leverage the XAMS’ powerful critical authorizations check framework.

Modern SAP Fiori UI

Benefit from a modern and intuitive user experience through the SAP Fiori interfaces developed by Xiting. User-friendly, lucid and customizable, they enable you to work efficiently.

Start using XCW now
without additional infrastructure or hardware

The implementation of legal and customer-specific governance, risk and compliance requirements can be carried out through individual implementation options. Regardless of the architecture of the system landscape, user administration is mapped locally or centrally for all connected SAP ABAP systems.

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