In the future, the use of SAP Fiori applications in SAP S/4HANA will no longer be optional, but mandatory. Accordingly, the minimum requirements for the authorization design must be determined manually based on the SAP Simplification List. Not only the Fiori-related conditions in the role concepts have to be considered, but also the high dependence on the performance and availability of the SAP Fiori Apps Library. This poses new challenges for many companies.

The lack of evaluation possibilities of the decentralized Fiori Apps Library compared to the existing, local system is another challenge. In addition, so-called related apps, which are mandatory for the use of certain Fiori apps, must be determined manually from the SAP Fiori Apps Library. The consistent transport of Fiori objects is an additional challenge.

The consistent management of Spaces, Pages and Sections in SAP Fiori is very complex and time-consuming, as the corresponding objects must be created individually. Likewise, for example, the assignment of Section to Page must be carried out manually.



With the help of the  Xiting Authorizations Management Suite (XAMS), Fiori applications can be determined automatically based on the existing authorization concept. For this purpose, the integrated Fiori Apps Library provides suitable Fiori applications for the objects used, enabling a local, high-performance comparison. Likewise, applications used in the system can be compared against the Simplification List integrated in the XAMS.

In addition, our solution also enables the mass maintenance of Fiori catalogues for the assignment of Fiori applications (tiles) and target mappings. Fiori catalogues can be created quickly and completely with the help of the Excel import and export interfaces. Similarly, Pages, Sections and Spaces can be processed accordingly with the functions.

The Role Designer of the XAMS enables a clear and quick assignment of Fiori catalogues, Fiori groups and Fiori spaces. Finally, the Role Profiler enables automatic consistency checks for Fiori catalog contents in SAP roles. The final transport to downstream systems can be carried out consistently for all associated Fiori objects via the Role Replicator.

SAP S/4HANA Workshop

This workshop explains the most important changes and innovations with SAP S/4HANA and the effects on the authorization concept of a company. You can also gain insight into the functionality of authorizations of SAP Fiori applications.

Best Practice Workshop

In our two-day best practice workshop, we show our customers not only an introduction to SAP Fiori, but also how to manage authorizations with SAP Fiori. Also find out how XAMS and its smart tools make this more efficient and easier.

Our XAMS-Tools

These tools of the Xiting Authorizations Management Suite support you in the successful administration of SAP Fiori in your company.

Role Designer

The Role Designer enables the integration of Fiori objects such as catalogs and groups into the existing authorization concept as well as the associated adjustments to the role design.

Role Replicator

In addition to the Fiori transport tool, the Role Replicator also offers functions for mass processing via Excel upload in order to simplify catalog management and object assignment within the SAP Fiori administration.

Role Profiler

The Role Profiler creates a detailed overview of the Fiori catalog mappings to the roles and enables review and synchronization of the required role content (web services) to ensure consistency.



Customers who have chosen SAP Fiori as the leading frontend technology can confirm from their own experience that the provision of apps in the Fiori Launchpad is more time-consuming than authorizing transactions in the SAPGui. With this article and the download paper, we would like to provide customers who are still facing this challenge with appropriate explanations.

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