Authorization management

Risk minimization during Go-Live

Overview of Our Top Use Case

Audit-proof and Protected in the Go-Live

"Protected Go-Live" for a secured and controlled transition into a new authorization concept

The absence of permissions represents the biggest risk factor in a Go-Live or after a redesign project, leading to frustrated end-users and ultimately resulting in decreased acceptance of the entire project. Additional risks such as production interruptions and increased support efforts often lead to the avoidance of authorization projects, as many companies perceive transitioning permissions as too risky.

Our Use Case at a Glance


In case of missing permissions, end-users can autonomously and swiftly reactivate their old roles.

Authorization Analysis

Administrators can calmly analyze all missing permissions and, if necessary, adjust the roles, as well as automate progress checks.


Various SAP standard protocols can be activated and saved for documentation purposes.

Our solution

With Xiting Times and Role Builder

With the so-called “Protected Go-Live”, Xiting Times offers a comprehensive solution with which end users can independently request their old roles for a temporary period as soon as a problem occurs. Administrators can configure and monitor usage as required, but do not have to provide permanent support to prevent a productive outage.
The missing authorizations can then be determined automatically. This enables a fast response time and targeted adaptation of the new roles. For end users, this process is very simple and leads to a stress-free commissioning of new roles.

Your Contact

Nicole Wolderling
Head of Authorization Management

Our solution

Relevant XAMS Modules

Xiting Times

With an innovative concept called Productive Test Simulation (PTS), Xiting Times practically eliminates the need to test new roles or role changes.

Role Builder

Eliminate the impact on end users due to missing permissions during the Go-Live phase.

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Related Use Cases of Authorization Management

Testsimulation of roles and authorizations

Simulating roles and permissions for precise testing.


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