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Our extensive expertise in consulting is reflected in numerous successful national and international projects. Xiting is committed to establishing a lasting relationship of trust with customers and business partners. Competence and customer proximity are crucial success factors of our consulting services.

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For sustainable SAP authorization administration, prioritize compliance, maintainability, and standard conformity in technical implementation and ongoing operations.

Protecting SAP systems from cyber threats has become an increasingly difficult and complex task due to the interconnectedness of modern ERP platforms.​

We fulfill your various compliance requirements and guidelines (ICS, SOX, FDA) with our optimized and automated GRC solution.​

With our comprehensive portfolio of services in the area of SAP Identity Management, we are the ideal consulting partner for companies in a wide range of industries.​

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Authorization Management (AUT)

Cybersecurity & Security Monitoring (CSM)

Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)

Identity & Access management (IAM)

Nicole Wolderling

Head of Authorization Management

Marc Spitzer

Head of Cybersecurity &
Security monitoring

Alessandro banzer

Head of Governance, Risk & Compliance

Carsten olt

Head of identity &
Access management

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