Cybersecurity Management

What is Cybersecurity Management?

Cybersecurity and Security Monitoring

We strengthen your SAP security and implement holistic security monitoring solutions.

Our aim is to implement a cost-efficient solution concept for SAP security monitoring and SAP threat detection and to advise you with our expertise.

With our Security Architect product, we monitor compliance requirements from standards such as GDPR, CRITIS or SAP Baseline in order to identify and eliminate security risks and vulnerabilities at an early stage.

We offer over 150 ready-made compliance and vulnerability analyses that can be run periodically or in real time from a central SAP system to connected satellite systems. This allows you to centrally monitor all security-relevant settings and processes in the SAP system.

What is Cybersecurity?

What we cover


Utilization of over 150 pre-built and configurable compliance and vulnerability analyses for centralized monitoring of your SAP systems, or develop your own checks within our Security Architect.

Threat Analysis

Implementation of real-time SAP security monitoring and threat analysis using over 50 pre-built and configurable attack detection patterns, alongside a framework for developing and defining custom patterns.

SIEM Integration

Integration of SAP security monitoring into overarching SIEM systems and Cybersecurity concepts.

Services in Cybersecurity Management

Our Services for SAP Security Monitoring

Proof of Concept Workshop

Monitoring Vulnerability and Compliance (ICS)

Real-Time Log Analysis and Threat Detection

Managed Service SAP Security Monitoring and Cybersecurity Content

The Unique SIEM Cockpit from Xiting

The holistic SAP security monitoring approach is complemented by the Xiting SIEM Cockpit to build a centralized SAP log analysis and SAP threat detection in real time. Through complex rule-based detection of suspicious activities in your SAP system, we provide a proactive defense against potential threats.

Our experts use intelligent analysis of log information to identify anomalies and take appropriate countermeasures.

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Marc Spitzer
Head of SAP Cybersecurity

Integration of SAP Security Monitoring in SIEM Systems

Cyber attacks often cross system and application boundaries and use interfaces. It therefore makes sense to integrate SAP security monitoring and threat analysis into an application-neutral SIEM system in order to better protect IT landscapes and exploit synergies in attack detection. We integrate our SAP security monitoring and SAP threat analysis seamlessly into a SIEM system for effective monitoring of large IT landscapes and optimal attack detection.

What do we offer?

With these solutions and products, we support our customers in implementing holistic SAP security monitoring and integrating it into an overarching cybersecurity framework. Through log filters, threat patterns and false positive detection, we offer a cost-efficient solution for your security monitoring and prevent exponentially high costs by pre-filtering and optimizing the data volume in SIEM operations.

Use Cases

Discover our Use Cases

Vulnerability & Compliance Monitoring (ICS)

Monitor vulnerabilities and compliance requirements in your SAP landscape automatically and centrally.

Real-Time SAP Security Monitoring & Threat Detection

Establishing a centralized SAP security monitoring solution for threat detection.

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Central Monitoring Solution with Real-Time Threat Detection


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Our consulting unit, Authorization Management, focuses on properly and efficiently managing authorizations and access controls within the SAP system.

Identity & Access Management

We focus on identity and access management in hybrid SAP environments with a view to identities and authorizations as well as secure authentication.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Comply with policies and regulatory requirements in your company with GRC Access Control!


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