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Overview of Our Top Use Case

Efficiency Boost for Fiori Integration

Simplified Fiori Administration with XAMS through Automation and Mass Processing

In the future, the use of SAP Fiori applications in SAP S/4HANA will no longer be optional but mandatory. Accordingly, the minimum requirements for authorization design must be manually determined using the SAP Simplification List. This involves not only considering the Fiori-related aspects in the role concepts but also the high dependency on the performance and availability of the SAP Fiori Apps Library. This presents new challenges for companies.

Our Use Case at a Glance


Tool-based support for Fiori administration through mass processing and the Fiori Transport Tool in XAMS.


XAMS supports the identification of suitable Fiori applications, efficient mass maintenance of catalogs, areas, pages, and sections, as well as automated consistency checks.


Professional consulting for the authorization-side implementation of SAP Fiori using XAMS.

The Challenge

Another hurdle is the lack of evaluation options in the decentralized Fiori Apps Library compared to the existing, local system. In addition, related apps, which are essential for the use of certain Fiori apps, must be determined manually from the SAP Fiori Apps Library. The consistent transport of Fiori objects is an additional challenge.

The consistent management of Spaces, Pages and Sections in SAP Fiori is also very complex and time-consuming, as the corresponding objects have to be created individually. The assignment of sections to pages, for example, must also be carried out manually.

Our Solution

With the help of the Xiting Authorizations Management Suite (XAMS), Fiori applications can be automatically identified based on the existing authorization concept. The integrated Fiori Apps Library provides suitable Fiori applications for the used objects, enabling a local, performant comparison to be carried out. Likewise, applications used in the system can be compared against the Simplification List integrated into XAMS.

In addition, the mass maintenance of Fiori catalogs for the assignment of Fiori applications (tiles) and target mappings is possible. With the help of Excel import and export interfaces, Fiori catalogs can be created quickly and completely. Pages, sections and spaces (Fiori areas, pages and sections) can also be processed accordingly using the functions.

Our Objectives

The Role Designer in XAMS enables clear and fast assignment of Fiori catalogs, Fiori groups, and Fiori spaces. The Role Profiler allows for automatic consistency checks for Fiori catalog contents in SAP roles. Finally, the consistent transport to downstream systems can be done for all related Fiori objects via the Role Replicator.

At a Glance;

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Nicole Wolderling
Head of Authorization Management

Our solution

Relevant XAMS Modules

Role Profiler

The Role Migration Report for S/4HANA provides a detailed overview for analyzing the migration capability of existing roles, indicating where and to what extent the current role concept is affected. Additional functions for analyzing the HANA database enhance overall security.


This XAMS module enables automated role creation for SAP S/4HANA according to the "Simplification List" and the specifications of the existing roles.


In addition to the Fiori Transport Tool, it also provides functions for mass processing via Excel upload to simplify catalog management and object assignment in SAP Fiori administration.

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