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In general, the efficient use of SAP authorizations is a constant challenge for companies. Due to the high maintenance effort and the required know-how, the topic is often neglected and the associated effects and risks are considerably underestimated. The result is often fragmented role concepts that can no longer meet the organization’s demands for security, transparency and maintainability.

A system analysis based on the functionalities of Xiting Authorizations Management Suite (XAMS) helps us fully grasp the existing framework conditions regarding technical, organizational and procedural complexities. This enables us to forecast the effort for a planned redesign of the SAP authorization concept. Finally, a connection is established between the results obtained and the required project steps, which together represent the recommended project approach.

Prepared for the Transformation

The system analysis also includes an SAP S/4HANA Readiness Check to examine the current role concept with regard to technical requirements for a future S/4HANA migration. Through this procedure, consequences and side effects (as well as feasibility) can be assessed. Existing roles are checked using the XAMS for S/4HANA compatibility. This enables us to show you which transactions and roles are affected by the migration of the existing role concept, and which project steps have to be carried out as part of the S/4HANA migration.

The results of the system analysis are prepared as a catalog of measures and discussed together as part of a final on-site appointment, with corresponding expenses for the individual project steps being shown. As a customer, you therefore receive a complete project plan and a reliable cost estimate for the implementation of a project to redesign or migrate the SAP authorization concept.

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