Xiting announces the new features of XAMS Service Pack 18

Schöfflisdorf (CH), 3 May 2023: Xiting announces the new Service Pack 18 of the innovative software solution Xiting Authorizations Management Suite (XAMS), delivering several new features to simplify Fiori administration and reduce complexity in S/4HANA projects. The new update includes enhancements to the Role Replicator, CRAF integration in PFCG, and the Xiting Rule Engine for the SIEM Framework.

“The XAMS SP18 release offers significant improvements to the Fiori App Tracker, Role Replicator, and the Xiting Rule Engine, simplifying administration and reducing complexity in S/4HANA projects,” said Alessandro Banzer, CEO Americas of Xiting. “These new features and enhancements provide users with increased transparency and a more user-friendly experience.”

The Fiori App Tracker is one of the most significant developments in XAMS SP18, enabling the identification of Fiori App IDs used and understanding of the forward navigation to related apps. This simplifies Fiori administration and improves transparency in projects. In this course Xiting offers several live webinars beginning mid-May in order to get a better understanding and a lots of helpful insights into this innovative tool.

The improved Role Replicator allows the creation of a company-wide organization set for deriving roles in specific branches, reducing the maintenance effort in roles. The CRAF integration in PFCG allows authorization administrators to check whether company requirements are being met during role creation.

The Xiting Rule Engine for the SIEM Connector delivers real-time threat detection, enabling users to adapt and expand the set of rules according to their needs.

XAMS SP18 offers a variety of new features and improvements, including support for SU24 variants, customizing switches regrouping, and session cloning in Fiori Hub scenario. These features simplify administration and improve usability for users.

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