Xiting hands out highest award to partner All for One: The Xiting Platinum Award

Filderstadt, 19th December 2022. The SAP security expert Xiting and the Consulting and IT group All for One Group SE work together excellently. The Platinum Partner Award from Xiting, received for the first time by All for One as a partner, is a symbol of this excellent collaboration. Companies benefit from the common technological and consulting expertise. SAP ERP user, role and authorization management becomes more secure and can be implemented faster and more cost-effectively. Michael Zitz, executive spokesman and Co-CEO of All for One Group SE, accepted the award at the company headquarters in Filderstadt.

Complex process: User and authorization management in SAP ERP

Numerous medium-sized companies in the manufacturing industry rely heavily on SAP. Smooth processes require the correct implementation of the users’ authorizations. A central task in Access Management is to keep an eye on roles, authorizations and accesses. “An SAP role and authorization concept must usually be created and implemented manually. Depending on the size of the company and its processes, this can be enormously time-consuming and costly,” says Bianca Springer, Senior Manager Technology Projects at All for One Group SE, Filderstadt. “This quickly raises questions such as: Do role definitions match the actual user actions? Are the compliance guidelines already adhered to during role design? Is there an upcoming transition to SAP S/4HANA? Must the existing role concept be redesigned? Are there any in-house developments in the ABAP code that may contain security vulnerabilities?”

Two aspects in particular could cause serious headaches, says Peter Rosendahl, authorized representative and Director Sales Cybersecurity & Compliance, All for One Group SE: “Should a company want to transition to SAP S/4HANA, it is necessary to adapt the role and authorization structure. Switching to SAP Fiori applications and optimizing the user experience is called ‘Fiorization’. This requires tidy structures. This is an important milestone for companies on their journey to S/4HANA.”

Hendrik Heyn, Managing Director of Xiting GmbH in Germany adds:

“There are always good reasons to clean up, even without moving to S/4HANA. It is of utmost importance to increase security in general and to revise or create new authorization concepts. Not least if legal regulations require this. Is the role and authorization structure not tidy, not well structured or outdated? Do external auditors complain that too many rights have been assigned that do not belong to the roles? Then you must take action.”

Many questions, one answer: XAMS

“In 2020, we were looking for a colleague whose technical solutions would target precisely this challenging area,” says Peter Rosendahl from the All for One Group, looking back. “Xiting is a SAP recommended solution provider and SAP Gold Partner. With Xiting we have gained a professional partner at our side: hundreds of customers worldwide, mature products, accredited by SAP for its integration technology for SAP S/4HANA and certified by SAP for S/4HANA.”

SAP Consulting recommends XAMS as a best practice tool for authorization processes. This solution allows you to “clean up” RFC interfaces and to create user accounts according to the principles of need-to-know and least-privilege. To do this, you need to understand the underlying business processes and have excellent knowledge of SAP authorizations in the ABAP environment. Above all, you have to master the most methodologically efficient ways to do so. All this can be done by All for One and Xiting.

“The core of our collaboration is the Xiting Authorizations Management Suite (XAMS). This is a modular program package for all tasks in terms of managing SAP authorizations,” says Peter Rosendahl from All for One. “Of course, we also use Xiting’s other SAP solutions for our customers. This includes the Xiting Central Workflows (XCW) for user management or the modern Fiori interfaces for SAP Identity Management. It always depends on the project and the company.”

In general, all Xiting solutions stand for: As little change to the SAP system and as little administrative effort as possible. “The software is installed non-intrusively. It therefore integrates into SAP as a normal transport and can be removed without changes,” Peter Rosendahl emphasizes.

All for One and Xiting aim for sustainable customer benefits

“The All for One Group is the first of our approximately 70 Xiting partners to receive the Platinum Partner Award,” says Hendrik Heyn from Xiting. “In particular, we were impressed by the many years of SAP expertise and the qualified consultants in the very well-equipped teams. They proceed methodically and technologically well thought-out and efficiently according to our best-practice project methodology. As a result, our joint end customers benefited from sustainable advantages. The high level of customer satisfaction is proof of that.”

Peter Rosendahl from All for One emphasizes the advantages of the close technical collaboration between the experts from Xiting and All for One. “For special questions, we can always rely on a personal and direct professional exchange. For our customers, this means: Projects run smoothly and support is provided fast. Customers benefit from real advantages and time savings in their daily business.”

All for One has successfully used XAMS in large projects. The requests for role and authorization tools in the SAP environment continue to increase. This shows that the demand in companies for excellent solutions in the security area is constantly growing. Peter Rosendahl: “We are also seeing high demand for 2023. This is not least due to the digital transformation.”

“We start with pre-analysis workshops, use the XAMS and remove it. In this way, we can determine the concrete need for a redesign in a company,” explains Bianca Springer from All for One. “The customer receives a table with improvement approaches as a result. This allows the customer to accurately evaluate the main project and plan it transparently. We provide targeted support and coaching to customers who want to work with XAMS themselves. This reduces their effort significantly.”

This leads to enormously shortened and perfectly planned projects. The investments can pay off within just one year. Of course, All for One also carries out XAMS customer projects as a complete service.

Integrated in Conversion/4 of the All for One

With Conversion/4, the All for One Group offers a self-developed solution package as an SAP transformation subscription. The package includes transitioning to SAP S/4HANA, optimizing customer business processes, switching to a cloud infrastructure and continuous innovation.

“Our Conversion/4 projects also demonstrate the importance of roles and authorizations in SAP and their significant contribution to information security,” says Michael Zitz, CEO and Co-CEO of All for One Group.

About All for One Group SE

The All for One Group increases the competitiveness of companies in a digital world. To do this, the group combines strategy and management consulting, process consulting, and industry and technology expertise with IT consulting and IT services under one roof. Together with 2,700 experts and the implementation power of the leading business IT acumen of SAP, Microsoft and IBM, it orchestrates the interplay between all facets of competitiveness. Strategy, business model, customer & employee experience, new work, big data & analytics as well as IoT, artificial intelligence or cybersecurity & compliance and the intelligent ERP as the digital core of any future corporate IT. The leading Consulting and IT group supports more than 3,000 customers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland in their corporate transformation.

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About Xiting

Xiting is your 360° solution provider for comprehensive SAP security. In addition to SAP authorizations, our holistic service portfolio focuses on Identity and Access Management (IAM), Access Governance & Compliance, Cyber Security & Monitoring and everything related to cloud security. The company, which has been awarded as SAP Gold Partner & SAP Recognized Expertise Partner (GRC), was founded in 2008 by experienced SAP consultants in Switzerland and has now 120 employees at several branches worldwide. In compliance with high-quality standards, qualified SAP consultants support more than 600 national and international customers, both remotely and on site, as requested. The security solutions developed by Xiting and certified by SAP provide innovative tools to fully support organizations in their security projects by automating costly and time-consuming tasks, improving compliance, and significantly reducing the risk of errors – both in the cloud and on-premise.

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The Xiting Platinum Partner Award: handed out to All For One in December 2022
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