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Conventional development of a Fiori interface for SAP IDM can be very costly and time-consuming, as the source code must be adapted for each change. With our service, you can use your SAP IDM development environment Eclipse as usual to adapt the Fiori forms – without changing the Fiori source code!

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Xiting Fiori Service Pack 3 released
Learn more about the features of the new Service Pack 2 of the Fiori user interface in our blog.

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Xiting IDM Fiori UI for SAP IDM in Detail

Fiori UI developbed by Xiting

Many customers have a strong need for a simple and intuitive user interface for SAP Identity Management (IDM) because the standard user interface in IDM is unsatisfactory and user-unfriendly. Our product, Xiting IDM Fiori UI, enables you to perform everyday IDM tasks independent of time, place and device (computer, notebook, tablet or smartphone).

Our solution is geared to the requirements of managers and employees, who can use IDM easily, intuitively and comfortably in a modern interface. No long development time is needed for the new user interface and all adjustments to the Fiori interface can be made in the IDM development environment Eclipse as usual. It is no longer necessary to change the Fiori source code. Through this best practice approach, we have developed holistic management of the Fiori interface for SAP IDM.

This service was programmed entirely in SAP WEBIDE and follows an integrative approach by using SAP Standard REST API v2, ensuring that the software solution runs on all SAP releases from SAP Identity Management SP06 onwards. We can easily ensure the service on a Fiori Server or an SAP AS JAVA.


Implementing and customizing the Fiori interface is always a very complex and lengthy process, as the source code must be adapted for each change. Xiting IDM Fiori UI is a helpful service to carry out such a project in an efficient and targeted way. You can implement your IDM tasks yourself in Eclipse and enjoy a user-friendly Fiori interface immediately.

User Access Review

This use case uses Fiori interfaces to help you easily map your User Access Review via SAP IDM.

CUstomer Success Story

Boehringer Ingelheim

Succesful Upgrade to SAP IDM 8.0 in an intuitive SAP Fiori user interface with Xiting Fiori UI for SAP IDM

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