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In the course of the new Service Pack 18 of the Xiting Authorizations Management Suite (XAMS), we will show you a selected series of use cases with which you can sustainably ensure your SAP security in exciting live webinars starting in May 2023.

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SAP Fiori App Tracker - Identify your used and required Fiori Apps Do you want to identify the Fiori apps used in your system? Or is there a Fiori launch coming up? The SAP Fiori App Tracker can help you with this. It allows the unique identification of used / required Fiori apps in order to easily integrate them into your role concept.

Automatically identify necessary Fiori applications or revise your Fiori authorizations using the Xiting Authorizations Management Suite (XAMS). With the integrated app tracking and the simulation of backend roles, you can develop an audit-compliant authorization concept and conserve the resources of your specialist departments.

Your webinar takeaways:
- full transparency over used Fiori apps
- “Need-to-Know” principle for Fiori apps
- simplified integration of Fiori apps into your role concept

This webinar presents one of the three use cases available with the new XAMS release SP18.
15.6.202311:00 EDT1 hour
Integration of the Critical Authorizations Framework (CRAF) into PFCG With the CRAF integration in the PFCG, an authorization administrator can check directly when creating the role whether the requirements of the company are being met. When the profile of the role is generated, the set of rules variant stored in customizing is checked automatically. The test result provides a quick overview of whether there are risks in the role and which risks they are. Errors can thus be corrected immediately and exceptions mitigated.

Your webinar takeaways:

• Automatic checking of the set of rules directly during PFCG profile generation
• Customizing option for checking different set of rules variants at role level
• As a basis for the secure administration of your roles

This webinar presents one of the three use cases available with the new XAMS release SP18.
22.6.202311:00 EDT1 hour
Real-time threat detection with the Xiting SIEM Connector In this webinar you will learn how the Xiting SIEM Connector can support you with an integrated rule engine to automate the evaluation of log data in order to generate qualified alarms.

Who is the webinar aimed at?
• Persons responsible for SAP security
• SAP Administrators
• SAP System Managers

What is the focus of the webinar?
In this webinar we will use a few examples to show you how real-time attack detection works. You will also learn how to integrate the SIEM Connector into your existing SIEM landscape in order to meet legal requirements. In addition to providing theoretical content, we will demonstrate how it works directly in the system.

This webinar presents one of the three use cases available with the new XAMS release SP18.
29.6.202311:00 EDT1 hour

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