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SAP Identity Management (IDM) manages the entire identity lifecycle, from the moment you join your company to changes of department and position to the moment you leave the organization. SAP IDM provides user access according to the user’s current role, and manages passwords with self-service functions and approval workflows.

However, these processes are not provided by SAP in a ready-to-use format. Instead, they must be individually modeled and developed. And this can require significant time and effort. This is where our service comes in: we offer you some of the most useful processes and jobs in a unified package.

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SAP Identity Management Services


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SAP IDM Starter Services in Detail

You can use our service for the introduction of SAP IDM, as well as for Proof of Concept (PoC) projects. Therefore, we offer optional support for the installation and configuration of SAP IDM 8.0.

You can find the necessary technical requirements in the SAP Product Availability Matrix (PAM).

Our service includes the following processes and jobs:

  • User entry
  • User exit
  • Approval workflow
    • Approval by direct superior
    • Approval by role owner
  • Mass management via file upload
    • Add entry owner to business role
    • Add superior to user
    • Create business roles
    • Add permissions to business role
  • Monitoring Jobs
    • Business roles without role owner
    • Inactive users with system accesses
    • Inactive users with superiors
    • Active users without superiors
    • Checking the validity of users
    • Validation of the validity of business roles

Your Benefit

The processes can be individually adapted to your company with little effort and without changing the SAP standard code. Developed according to SAP Best Practices, these processes and jobs provide you with an optimal introduction to SAP IDM development.

In addition, we connect both a source and a target system to your SAP IDM as part of the service. And if you have not yet installed SAP IDM, we can optionally install and configure SAP IDM 8.0 for you. This makes the service future-proof and modular. The functionalities can be easily extended.

The following requirements must be met before you can use our service:

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