Manage your users securely and centrally in SAP IDM!

Are you currently using a cloud application, for example ServiceNow, and want to connect the cloud solution to your SAP Identity Management system in order to manage users centrally and securely? 

Or have you developed an application in-house in your company that you want to connect to SAP IDM 8.0, and that only supports SOAP web services for user management? 

The generic WSDL connector from Xiting enables applications that support SOAP web services to be connected to an SAP Identity Management System 8.0. 

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The Genertic WSDL Connector from Xiting in detail

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The generic WSDL Connector for SAP IDM 8.0, developed by Xiting, supports the creation and modification (including locking and deletion) of users, as well as the assignment and removal of permissions in SOAP web services (such as ServiceNow). 

In addition, depending on the connected system, it is also easy to create, modify and delete authorizations and business roles via SOAP web services.

Like the SAP standard connectors (such as those for AS ABAP or Active Directory), the ServiceNow connector is designed as a “One Way Connector.” In accordance with SAP Best Practices, the connector is integrated in the standard SAP provisioning framework and can be extended as required!

This Xiting IDM service includes the following components, some for import into Eclipse:

  • Connector Package (with all the technical functionalities for administration of users in ServiceNow and initial load job).
  • Support Package (with supporting jobs for provisioning and loading users to/from SOAP Webservice).
  • Java class for using WSDL.
  • Support from one of Xiting’s experienced SAP IDM consultants for the implementation of the connector 

Depending on your use case, the connector can write directly into the system tables (or user store) of ServiceNow, or fill temporary tables which are further processed by ServiceNow.

WSDL = Web Services Description Language: Metalanguage for web services based on XML
SOAP = Simple Object Access Protocol: Standard network protocol based on XML

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