XAMS easily integrated into SAP IDM

Via the regularly running job, the organizational sets are loaded from the source system and written to the permissions of a specific target system. This allows the end user to filter the permissions in a modern and user-friendly interface, and to apply them conveniently without having to create huge excel files.

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XAMS Integration int SAP IDM in Detail

The organization sets of the Xiting Authorizations Management Suite (XAMS) can be linked to SAP Identity Management (IDM), giving you the ability to use them as filters for a role request self-service. For this purpose, Xiting has developed a service that regularly reads the entire organization sets from XAMS and maps them to authorizations and business roles as filters in the IDM. This allows you to determine, request and assign suitable authorizations much faster. Avoid the time-consuming creation of huge Excel files!

With our service, XAMS Integration in IDM, Xiting offers you the ability to map your organization sets maintained in XAMS to authorizations and business roles as filters in the IDM.

In this job, all organization sets will be read from XAMS. You can define a source system (usually the development system) from which the IDM reads the organization sets. The loaded organization sets are stored on authorizations and/or business roles as filters, so that end users can select suitable authorizations more quickly. The attributes for organization set filters are created dynamically during the loading of the organization set and saved on the authorizations and/or business roles.


The service XAMS Integration in IDM provides the first automated lifecycle of XAMS organization sets in SAP Identity Management.

After each job run, you have a mapping of your organization sets for your backend and business roles as maintained in XAMS. The organization set filters are displayed hierarchically. You apply for authorizations in a modern and user-friendly interface and conveniently filter them by organization sets and assign them to the user.

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