Display Organizational Units From SAP HCM in SAP IDM

Via the regularly running job, all organizational units, including their superiors, are loaded into SAP Identity Management and processed. This ensures that the correct managers are always identified, and no application ends up with the wrong approver.

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Organizational Management for SAP IDM in Detail

By default, no organizational unit hierarchy can be mapped in SAP Identity Management (IDM) because the organizational units are flat on the identities. For this purpose, Xiting has developed a service that regularly reads the entire organizational structure from SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) and maps it in SAP IDM. This makes it easier in IDM to determine superiors dynamically at runtime or to access superordinate or subordinate organizational units.

With our service, Organizational Management from SAP HCM to SAP IDM, we offer you the opportunity to map your organizational units (OU) maintained in HCM hierarchically in IDM by means of a regularly running job.

In this job, all OUs are read from your HCM system, and all active OUs are created, modified or deactivated when changes are made. Using the supplied levels of these OUs, you can map a hierarchical structure in the IDM. If a chief position is found on an OU, it is linked to a personnel number, if one exists in the IDM. A business role is also created for each OU, which can be assigned to the employee in an entry process or OU change process.


Thanks to the Organizational Management service from SAP HCM to SAP IDM, you have the possibility of an automated lifecycle of organizational units in SAP Identity Management for the first time.

After each job run, you have an image of your organizational units as they are maintained in HCM. The organizational units that now exist are displayed hierarchically and are linked from the highest to the lowest level. In this way, the correct superiors of your employees can be determined in IDM at any time, thus helping to ensure that no approval requests reach the wrong approver – or worse yet, one who is no longer with the organization.

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