Xiting Role Profiler

Role Profiler speeds up the verification of your role design and checks the quality and robustness of your implemented role concept, as well as compatibility with SAP S/4HANA. An extensive set of analysis reports help you test the maturity and quality of your roles while offering improvement recommendations. Role Profiler can be used as part of a role redesign project or in the context of an ongoing role maintenance effort.


Changes in the organization structure, or changes in laws and regulations, often lead to new challenges that require authorizations to be customized. That often results in manual role changes that can quickly re-introduce many of the issues that were fixed during the redesign.


Proactive Role Monitoring (ICS)

Role Profiler can be used to check SAP authorizations for qualitative criteria. This enables the establishment of an Internal Control System (ICS) and offers proof that ICS audits have been carried out.

The integration into the SAP transport management system (STMS) ensures that authorizations are not transported if they do not meet a defined quality standard. In this way, the operative alignment with the authorization concept can be ensured sustainably in the long-term, and a continuous optimization process can be initiated.

SU24 Optimization

You can use Role Profiler to optimize your SU24 to improve the quality of your role concept and to simplify the creation of new roles.

Analysis Reports

In total, Role Profiler provides over 90 different analysis reports to test your roles, users and authorizations in the following categories:

  • Role Quality and Sustainability: Analyze roles with manual/open/changed authorizations, changed organizational field values, or all (*) authorization accesses.
  • Derived Roles: Detect changes in child roles, undistributed changes in parent roles, or do a full authorization comparison.
  • Role Customizing: Check for naming convention compliance, analyze BEGRU fields, or check for PFCG or menu customizations.
  • Role Transporting: Execute analysis reports as part of the transport mechanism.
  • SU24 Optimization: Analyze open fields and run a rule-based SU24 optimization on them.
  • Role Menu Checks: Check role menus for non-existent objects and consistency issues.
  • Usage Reports Based on ST03N Data: Detect unused transactions in roles, mass-generate user menus, clean up SAP standard users, and detect generic table access.
  • Activity Watchdog Reports: Analyze roles for critical authorizations, Segregation of Duty (SoD) conflicts, access to HR or master data, etc.
  • SAP HANA Reporting: Analyze existing role concept for compatibility with the SAP S/4HANA data model to assist migration, etc.

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Role Profiler in action: Simplified SU24 optimization.

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