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XAMS Implementation and Training in Detail

The knowledge of employees is a crucial component of success in every company. It is important to continuously improve the skills of employees, through targeted training measures, in order to make processes in the company more efficient.

Our software solution, Xiting Authorizations Management Suite (XAMS), supports you in optimizing processes in the SAP security environment and offers numerous functions for this purpose. However, these functions must also be understood and used properly to create real added value for customers. The biggest challenge is therefore to ensure a clean transfer of knowledge. Only when information is communicated completely, correctly, and in a way that is appropriate for the target group does the recipient side gain the necessary understanding of problems and the ability to develop suitable solutions.

That’s where our XAMS implementation and training service comes in. It provides the knowledge you need to ensure best practice implementation. This guarantees that optimization potential is identified and optimally realized with the help of our software solution.

As our customer, you decide how the topics covered by our XAMS software solution are trained by booking a standardized training course or an individual workshop.

Option 1: Standardized Training

The standardized training (WCHXIT) is part of the training catalog of SAP Switzerland AG and is regularly offered as an official training event at the SAP training center in Regensdorf (CH) and Walldorf (DE). On request, it can also be held as an Individual Customer Training (ICT) at the customer’s premises. The standardized training course lasts three days and ensures efficient knowledge transfer using a tried and tested curriculum that includes the provision of training materials. The course content can be taken from the official SAP training catalog.

Option 2: Workshop

For participants with many years of experience in the area of SAP authorizations and initial contact with our XAMS software solution, our individual workshops offer more room for discussion as well as opportunities to focus on key topics for targeted clarification of open questions or the implementation of a Proof of Concept (PoC). The workshops usually last one day but can be scheduled over several days if required. Due to their individual duration and freely selectable content, workshops are also ideal for deepening or refreshing existing knowledge of our XAMS software solution.

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