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Your challenge

Are you looking for a solution to regularly check and certify the assignments of your employees and make sure that every employee is correctly authorized? Precisely in order to ensure that certain authorizations, which may have critical content, are not valid indefinitely or have been incorrectly assigned, it is advisable to have the assignments checked by a responsible person at regular intervals. SAP IDM offers this functionality, but unfortunately without a user interface in the standard version.

In terms of security regulations, such reviews are part of everyday life in your company – and if not, they should be! And it is precisely for these reasons that you might be looking for a simple and quickly usable solution to control the assignments of your employees.

Our services

Through our Fiori interface for SAP IDM, we can support you in easily mapping your User Access Review via SAP IDM. Your managers can use the already known To-do tab for this. A delegation of tasks and a reminder can also be implemented without any problems.

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Our solution

The Fiori interfaces for SAP IDM developed by Xiting provide a standard interface for recertification. The actual process of recertification is specific for each company, but could look like this, for example:

1) System administrator starts this for specific roles

2) The managers of the users are the “attesters”

3) The respective manager only receives one consolidated mail, in which all users/roles are visible (individual mails would be sent in the SAP standard)

4) The manager must then act and carry out the recertification

5) If the e-mail should get lost in the stressful daily work life, a reminder e-mail (also consolidated) will be sent after a defined period of time

6) In the event of absences, tasks can also be delegated accordingly (also by third parties)

7) The whole process of recertification is fully documented:

    • When did the certification start?
    • Who is „Attester”/deputy?
    • Status (Accepted/Rejected)
    • By whom & when was the recertification carried out?

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