Xiting Fiori Service Pack 2: A Completely New Design, New Development Structure, and Much More

Our service Xiting IDM Fiori UIs for SAP Identity Management (IDM) offers modern Fiori interfaces that give you a completely new experience of user administration in SAP IDM! Additionally, Service Pack (SP) 2 allows you to adapt your forms in the development environment Eclipse as usual, without changing the Fiori source code.

Here’s a rundown of the new features in SP2.

New Design

The IDM UI tasks are displayed as “cards,” which represent previews of the actual application content. On the left side is a menu that represents the tabs from the Web Dynpro interface. Here, you can also log out directly.

In the “Favorites” section, you see your selection displayed as cards:

Figure 1: Xiting IDM Fiori UIs – Favorites

The to-do list contains all the entries you need to approve:

Figure 2: Xiting IDM Fiori UIs – To-Do List

You also have the ability to adjust your own settings directly in the side menu:

Figure 3: Xiting IDM Fiori UIs – Settings

The EntryTypes are listed in the admin panel. If you click on Person, you have the ability to filter by name/user:

Figure 4: Xiting IDM Fiori UIs – Administration

After selecting a user, you can see which forms can be executed according to the access control in the IDM forms. These are displayed as cards:

Figure 5: Xiting IDM Fiori UIs – Cards

Optimization of the Access to Cards

  • Access is taken directly from the IDM (Access Control) forms and applied to the cards.
  • Access to the to-do list is controlled by the privilege: MX_PRIV:WD:TAB_TODO
  • Access to the “Favorites” and “Manage” sections is controlled by the privilege: MX_PRIV:WD:TAB_MANAGE
  • A workaround for the client error “Access forbidden” (Error code 403) has been implemented.

New Development Structure

  • It is only necessary to import a package.
  • You do not need your own entry type; you only need to create four additional attributes.
  • In addition, database-dependent functions/procedures must be used. Currently you can use our Xiting IDM Fiori UIs with the following databases:
    • Microsoft SQL
    • ORACLE
  • New IDM tasks are available for cards to change their own data and to display favorites and access controls.

Browser Support

Our Xiting IDM Fiori UIs can now be used in the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari


  • Various user interface improvements and bug fixes
  • An Internet Explorer compatibility error has been resolved

Conclusion and Preview of Service Pack 3

Looking back, the focus for SP2 was primarily on the use of cards, and thus the implementation of a completely new design. Some elements from the new SAP Fiori 3 library were used for this. The most important new feature is the use of access control directly from the IDM forms.

In addition, usability has been refined overall, meaning that users will experience many more features and improvements in Service Pack 2.

If you’d like to see a demo of all the new features, you can schedule a one-on-one session with one of our experts.

Here’s some what we have planned for SP3, which is expected to be released in January 2021:

  • Use of the new SAP Fiori 3 libraries
  • Support for ASE DB
  • Display more details in the to-do list
  • Use of the assignments analogous to Web Dynpro
  • And much more!

We offer an individual webinar for an insight into the IDM services of Xiting.

If we offer a special live webinar, you will find it listed here.

  • Xiting IDM Power Workshop
  • XAMS Integration
  • Org Unit Integration
  • WSDL Connector
  • Xiting IDM Starter Service

Here you can find an overview of our IDM services.

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