Success Story: Uhlmann Pac-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG

User management in SAP systems – Simple and efficient with Xiting Central Workflows

The user provisioning tool, Xiting Central Workflows (XCW), developed by Xiting, offers the world‘s leading system provider for packaging pharmaceuticals, Uhlmann Pac-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG, a simple, straightforward and at the same time modern solution for the user management in SAP ABAP systems. The use of XCW supports the automated user provisioning according to explicit approval procedure and ensures revision-compliant user creation as well as role assignments. Thus, it guarantees the compliance for audits through optimal documentation of all processes. The system-wide overview and the standardized workflows according to best practice provided by XCW helped Uhlmann Pac-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG achieve traceability and efficiency in the management of identities and authorizations.

„The solution XCW was implemented quickly and efficiently. Our expectations were fully met. Given our large, distributed system landscape, we instantly felt relieved when we started using it. The project confirmed the good experience we have had with the Xiting Authorizations Management Suite.“

Helmut Österle
Application Consultant


The main objectives of the project at Uhlmann were the implementation of XCW in a self-defined and central system landscape and the management of a total of 28 systems of the customer via XCW. The workflow provided by XCW should minimize the risk of incorrect user creation in several systems at the same time. With the help of the functionalities of XCW, the aim was to strive for authorization provisioning through standardized workflows in order to manage identities and authorizations in a traceable manner. In addition, it was important to reduce the administrative effort and to enable an explicit authorization check through approval workflows. Roles should be assigned without the intervention of the administrator once these have been requested and the role owner has given his approval.


Automatic provisioning should enable Uhlmann to significantly accelerate the assignment of authorizations. Due to many inconsistencies in the master data, e.g., the department, telephone number, etc., it was particularly necessary to create a better system-wide overview of users. Thanks to the user comparison enabled by XCW, the company can display master data from the various systems and thus detect inconsistencies in the master data more quickly.


The XCW was implemented very quickly – in just one day – and Uhlmann was able to employ its central user administration right away. LDAP integration is supported in XCW as of Service Pack 3. As part of the XCW project, the integrated LDAP search could be used within one hour. It is significantly simpler to submit the request since user data can be brought into the user creation request. If an RFC connection is provided, new systems can be connected very quickly and can also be managed by XCW.
Special added value was created for our customer, especially when it comes to annual audits. Through optimal documentation of all processes in XCW, reports can now be created at the „push of a button“ and serve as valid proof for auditors. During the successful project implementation, a qualified and competent support team was available to our customer as point of contact.

Valerie Neunheuser

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