Productive Test Simulation With XAMS

The testing of new roles, or changes to existing roles, is a time-consuming and expensive process because it requires input from various stakeholders within your organization.

As part of the Xiting Authorizations Management Suite (XAMS), Xiting has developed a unique solution that virtually eliminates the need for traditional role-acceptance or user-acceptance testing (UAT).

Productive Test Simulation is made possible by the integrative operation of the XAMS modules Xiting Times (operation) and Role Builder (analysis).

Productive Test Simulation enables role administrators to simulate authority checks against new or changed roles without negatively impacting the productivity of end-users. Efficiencies are gained by allowing the role administrators to analyze and redesign missing authorization values en masse instead of fixing individual errors as they occur. Further benefits are gained through integrated reports that allow for SU24 optimization and filtering of logged data.

During traditional UAT phases, testers often have to wait for role administrators to add any missing authorizations that they encounter during testing. The XAMS can automate that process by dynamically creating and assigning delta roles with missing and whitelisted authorizations any time the tester triggers a failed authority check.


The following XAMS modules can assist you with automating role and authorization testing.

Role Builder

Virtually eliminate the need to test new roles or role changes through an innovative concept called Productive Test Simulation (PTS).

Xiting Times

Eliminate potential risks during the operational transfer of new SAP authorizations with Protected Go-Live (PGL).

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