Xiting Times

Xiting Times can be used to eliminate the risk of access problems during go-live. In the event of authorization errors, end-users can revert to their old roles through a self-service mechanism and keep them for a temporary period – similar to other deputization concepts.


One of the most critical phases of a role redesign project is the go-live period, when role changes are transported into productive systems. Despite extensive testing, errors are often only detected in this late phase, frequently disrupting organizational processes. This involves high risk and can become a focal point of problems in authorization projects.


Protected Go-Live

If authorization errors occur during the go-live phase, end-users can request their old roles to be automatically assigned to them via a reference user for a limited period of time. Pre-defined workflows allow for flexible approval processes and detailed audit trails.

Backup / Emergency User Concept

In addition, Xiting Times can also be used to allow ordinary users to assume the roles and authorizations of others — for example, to cover for colleagues who are on vacation, or to perform operations that require elevated access (emergency access management). All activities are logged in an audit-compliant manner, thus ensuring complete traceability and transparency.

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Use Case
Xiting Times: Reduce the risk associated with rolling out new authorizations during go-live.

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