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SAP Security Check in Detail

Most of the corporate information of value is managed in SAP systems. This involves financial data, human capital and/or know-how. A comprehensive system check reveals any weaknesses in the protection of this data, and enables you to efficiently increase system security.

Our consultants carry out a security check on your SAP systems and identify potential weak points in your SAP security concept based on best practice recommendations for security settings. The analysis is carried out using the Xiting Authorizations Management Suite (XAMS) and includes the following main topics.

  • System settings (parameters, logging, transportation)
  • Documents (comparison of target and actual status of the operational concepts)
  • Roles (technical compliance, professional compliance)
  • Authorizations (administration of jobs, users, transports, systems)
  • Users (profile assignment, user types, critical authorizations, login activities)

The results of the analysis are documented and prepared as a report. The full assessment of system security takes place in the context of a concluding customer presentation with a management summary.

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