Xiting awards partner dobis the highest accolade: The Xiting Platinum Partner Award

[Mannheim, March 1, 2024] – The SAP security expert Xiting and the consulting firm dobis have been collaborating extremely successfully since 2015. They have already completed more than 40 projects together. The Platinum Partner Award exemplifies the recognition bestowed upon dobis by Xiting. Companies benefit from the combined technological and consulting expertise.

Frank Keune, Managing Director of dobis, personally accepted the award at the SAP Arena in Mannheim.

A partnership on equal footing

Since 2015, dobis and Xiting have been working together to provide their customers with high-quality solutions and consulting services.

Hendrik Heyn, CEO Global/Germany of Xiting GmbH, emphasizes: “We are extremely proud that our long-standing partner dobis has received the Platinum Award. dobis has been one of our high-performance partners for years, supporting their customers in the field of SAP Security in many projects. The trusting and sustainable collaboration between our two companies has significantly contributed to this well-deserved success.”

The partnership between both companies is characterized by a cooperative approach, active exchange and trustworthy communication.

It is a trusting collaboration on equal terms that is also enjoyable,” says Frank Keune of dobis. He emphasizes, “The goal of the partnership is to consistently deliver high quality to the customers while minimizing the use of their resources to keep the burden on them as low as possible.

Johann Petschenka, Head of Partner Management at Xiting GmbH, explains: “In 2015, we started the partnership on a smaller scale with great motivation, but from the outset with the goal of expanding the business further. Through our successful and trustworthy collaboration, the scope of our partnership has continuously expanded and now encompasses the entire Xiting product portfolio.”

As a result of this strong partnership, dobis has not only achieved very good business revenue growth but has also continued to train new employees in Xiting-related topics, who are now qualified to offer the entire solution portfolio.

At all times during our collaboration, particularly in difficult phases, the partnership has proven its worth. Through trusting cooperation, we work well together even in conflict situations.

We are proud that our partnership has existed for so long and has steadily grown both in the scope of our collaboration and in terms of commercial development.

Among the many clients that Xiting and dobis look after together are Badenova, Stabilo, the Thorax Clinics, Uhlmann Pac-Systeme, and the Stadtwerke Heidelberg.

With a deep understanding of SAP authorizations and shared values, the two companies have already implemented more than 40 successful projects together.


Challenges faced by customers in the SAP Security field are actively addressed by Xiting and dobis.

Dobis implements solutions such as the Xiting Authorizations Management Suite (XAMS), the XCW (Xiting Central Workflows), and Single Sign-on successfully in many customer projects. They provide added value to customers and enable the implementation of high-quality projects in a timely manner.

Challenges faced by customers are addressed, among other methods, through the use of the Productive Test Simulation (PTS) of XAMS, which significantly simplifies the testing of new authorizations in the context of redesign projects and relieves customers during the testing phase.

The software solution XAMS is also used during an SAP S/4HANA migration to identify which roles and transactions are affected by the migration of the authorization concept.

The Fiori App Tracker, a new feature of XAMS, is often used because it simplifies Fiori administration and significantly improves transparency in projects. With the App Tracker, customers are provided with a tool that allows easy identification of the SAP Fiori apps used, for example, during functional tests. This represents a significant advancement in their SAP S/4HANA migration, including SAP Fiori.

“An increasingly common issue among customers also involves providing evidence of assigned authorizations, where Xiting Central Workflows (XCW) serves as a very helpful ‘authorization assignment tool,’” explains Frank Keune.

Currently, SAP licensing changes are another important topic. Dobis supports many customers in the critical infrastructure sectors (KRITIS) who also need to integrate SIEM systems. For these customers, comprehensive security monitoring becomes increasingly important due to new legal requirements. This is where the SIEM Connector comes into play, enabling companies to better protect SAP systems against internal and external threats and mitigate general vulnerabilities.

“Dobis has the advantage that Xiting’s tools hit the nerve of the times, allowing us to offer fast solutions,” explains Frank Keune.

In addition, there are various approaches by which dobis enhances its know-how and expertise in joint customer projects. ‘We know what matters and always consult from both a technical and business perspective,’ explains Frank Keune.


The collaboration between Xiting and dobis has already achieved numerous successes.

Both companies aim to continuously enhance their expertise and know-how, provide the best possible service to customers in joint projects and continue to build trusting, long-term customer relationships.

“There are many customers who work with us long-term and who are very satisfied with our projects involving XAMS. For some customers struggling with a shortage of skilled workers, we can also act as a kind of ‘extended workbench.’ This allows us to deliver high-quality and trustworthy work for our customers,” explains Frank Keune.

ABOUT dobis

Dobis, an established company with over 20 years of experience, has focused from the outset on authorizations and user management in the SAP environment, continuously expanding its portfolio to include adjacent security topics.

Unlike many other companies in the consulting field, dobis always keeps an eye on a business-oriented consulting approach in its authorization and redesign concepts, while also ensuring the security aspect is not neglected.

In over 100 completed projects, dobis has acted as a powerful and competent partner, implementing the best possible authorization and security concepts for its customers.


Xiting is your 360° solution provider for comprehensive SAP security. In addition to SAP authorizations, our holistic service portfolio focuses on Identity and Access Management (IAM), Access Governance & Compliance, Cyber Security & Monitoring and everything related to cloud security.

The company, which has been awarded as SAP Gold Partner & SAP Recognized Expertise Partner (GRC), was founded in 2008 by experienced SAP consultants in Switzerland and has now 120 employees at several branches worldwide.

In compliance with high-quality standards, qualified SAP consultants support more than 600 national and international customers, both remotely and on site, as requested. The security solutions developed by Xiting and certified by SAP provide innovative tools to fully support organizations in their security projects by automating costly and time-consuming tasks, improving compliance, and significantly reducing the risk of errors – both in the cloud and on-premise.

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