Mass changes

Your challenge

Are you carrying out major clean-up projects and need to adjust cost centers, for example? Do you want to add additional authorizations to copious business roles or create users for a project or similar that are not in your HR system? Training users for example? As you can see, the use cases for mass changes are numerous! Mass adjustments are not special cases, but common in everyday work. However, these are often difficult to implement. And it is precisely for these reasons that you might be looking for a simple and quickly usable solution for mass changes in SAP IDM.

Our solution

As part of our consulting service for SAP IDM, we offer you a job for mass changes in your company that is tailored to the needs of your company. You define which cases you want to map, and we develop the required solution, which can then be quickly expanded to include other use cases. The only thing you have to do is to prepare a corresponding document, often a csv file and then just upload it in your UI. As already mentioned, the job can then be executed by simply uploading a corresponding file in your UI, and not only in the development environment of SAP IDM (Eclipse).

Other services

Use the Fiori interfaces for SAP IDM from Xiting

Do you still use the UI delivered by SAP and finally want to improve acceptance and user experience by using Fiori interfaces? Use our self-developed Fiori-Oberflächen für SAP IDM!

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