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In order to successfully complete your start as an SAP Security Consultant at Xiting and to provide you with the fundamentals in the area of SAP Security, the ABC program (Authorization Bootcamp) for trainees at Xiting was developed especially for this purpose.

Laura and Robin share their experiences of starting at Xiting as part of the ABC program:

The Authorization Bootcamp started for us in January. The weeks before, we were busy learning the most important SAP basics and attending courses about authorisations and security. In the trainee program itself, in addition to remote appointments, we met in person about every two weeks, worked together and exchanged knowledge. All the juniors were present as well as the two senior SAP security consultants, who mentored us throughout the entire bootcamp.

At the beginning, the basics were regularly repeated and deepened through practical exercises. Afterwards, we dealt more and more with the area of security and authorisations. Above all, the software “XAMS – Xiting Authorizations Management Suite” developed by Xiting was closely studied in order to be able to work with it in projects later on. In addition to XAMS, we also got to know the entire company portfolio. Furthermore, we got to know other departments, as we work closely together on many topics. For this purpose, we were given a small insight into the everyday work of the people in charge of the departments.

After each month, we also had discussions with our mentors about our development in order to assess our current learning curve, but also to be able to give them our feedback on the process, speed, level of difficulty, etc. We were increasingly scheduled for projects in which we could practically apply the knowledge we had gathered on the clients’ systems. In the beginning, we were accompanied by the responsible, later on we worked on our own.

Gradually, we were able to take on more tasks on our own and were given more and more responsibility. If we have any questions, we can always turn to the entire team.

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"I can definitely say that I had an enormous learning curve through the ABC. In the projects, you now really notice how effective the bootcamp was."

SAP Security Consultant since 2021

How did you find the way to Xiting?

The Xiting recruiting team contacted me via LinkedIn and asked about my interest in SAP and IT security. After an initial phone interview, I forwarded my CV to be considered further in the recruiting process. After less time, a virtual interview with the department and HR followed. Afterwards, we quickly agreed that there was mutual interest, and as a result, I quickly became part of the team as well. Just as smooth as the recruiting process was my onboarding, or everything associated with it.

How did your ABC Bootcamp run and what is your current situation?

I can definitely say that I had an enormous learning curve through the ABC and that now and then the penny really dropped for me on one or the other topic that I had previously only tried to understand through self-study. In the projects, you now realise how effective the bootcamp was.

What has been your personal highlight at Xiting so far?

During the application process and interviews, people always talked about the team spirit within Xiting and that it was important to be a team player. The highlight for me personally would definitely be that you can ask anyone if anything is wrong. We enjoy helping each other and the goals are set in such a way that they can realistically be achieved in the working hours. I was warmly welcomed and immediately counted as a full member.

What did you study and what experience did you already have?

I studied business informatics in Würzburg and was able to bring along mostly theoretical basics in the area of SAP. In addition, I was given basic knowledge about the structure of computers, programming and also the subject area of business. The business informatics degree is therefore ideal for starting a career in the SAP consulting sector, as both technical and business understanding are required.

What did you think SAP and security meant before you started at Xiting?

Initially, I thought of SAP security as protecting the data in the SAP system, which can often be sensitive and critical, especially from external influences such as hackers. After the first few weeks on the job, however, it became clear to me quite quickly that it is often the company’s own internal people who need to be looked at more closely in terms of security.

What has been your personal highlight at Xiting so far?

From the beginning, the highlights were always the company meetings. Since we work a lot in the home office and don’t cross each other’s paths in the office every day like in many other jobs, it’s always something special to meet colleagues in person on site, whom you usually only see in team meetings. In addition to co-working, joint activities after work are also a must at company meetings.

“I found the combination of the ABC and the projects very effective in applying what I learned directly to the client."

SAP Security Consultant since 2021

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