Two XAMS Tools
for your SAP Security

RFC Stocktake Tool

Analyze the active RFC connections of your system landscape

User Locking Tool

Automate the locking of users during system maintenance

RFC Stocktake Tool

The RFC Stocktake Tool allows you to quickly analyze security issues in RFC interfaces.

This tool is also part of the Xiting Authorizations Management Suite.

Many SAP customers do not have enough resources to limit the authorizations of system, communication or service users associated with RFC connections. These system connections are often used for many different applications that cannot be directly associated with transaction codes. This increases complexity when building roles, as well as the error rate for authorizing these critical users. However, it is particularly important to protect remote systems against the misuse of incorrectly authorized RFC connections.

For this purpose, we offer an RFC optimization service together with SAP (see SAP Note 1682316 – Optimization of RFC User Authorizations). This service contains methods and tools that increase the efficiency of the RFC processes involved and reduce the risk of unwanted process interruptions.

The free RFC Stocktake Tool allows you to evaluate your RFC landscape to determine how many RFC connections are active, which users make which calls with fixed logon data, and which authorizations these users have. This not only helps you to monitor your systems, but also allows you to estimate the effort required to optimize RFC connections.


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User Locking Tool

With the User Locking Tool, you can easily lock and unlock end users in ABAP-based systems.

This tool is also part of the Xiting Authorizations Management Suite.

Maintenance work on the system requires that exclusive system access be granted by the administrator. Otherwise, serious errors or data inconsistencies can occur during the maintenance process. With the free User Locking Tool, all end users in ABAP-based systems can be locked and unlocked based on predefined schedules. The tool automatically logs which users have been locked by the tool, so that only those users are unlocked afterwards. To prevent accidental locking of one or more users, lock administrators can be defined individually or in user groups directly in the tool.


Other XAMS Modules

Role Designer

Create sustainable authorization concepts, perform a what-if analysis, scan for SoD conflicts during the design phase, and quickly migrate roles to SAP S/4HANA using a virtual role design cockpit.

ABAP Alchemist

Improve the quality and security of existing and new ABAP code, and quickly find reusable code via the API finder.

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