Protected Go-Live With XAMS

After a role redesign project, missing authorizations due to gaps in test protocols constitute a significant risk. Frustrated end-users, a loss of productivity and increased help desk tickets are just some of the impacts of redesigns, and these challenges are the reason why many companies shy away from role redesign projects. Some organizations find it easier and less expensive to just live with the inherent risk that comes with over-authorized users.

Xiting has developed a solution called Protected Go-Live, which is a core part of the Xiting Times module. With Protected Go-Live, security administrators can enable end-users to temporarily get their old roles back if they run into issues with their new roles during go-live. 

Stakeholders can build customized workflows around those temporary assignments, including various approval processes, and all actions taken are logged in an audit-compliant fashion. For end-users, the process is simple and painless because requesting their old roles can be performed using a simple self-service transaction directly in the system in which they encounter the issue.

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Our Solution

The following XAMS module can help you reduce the risk associated with your next go-live!

Xiting Times

Eliminate potential risks during the operational transfer of new SAP authorizations with Protected Go-Live (PGL).

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