SAP's Authorizations Proposals Database SU24

Transaction SU24 is the front-end for SAP’s authorizations proposals database. In other words, SU24 stores authorizations proposals for transactions, function modules and other security objects.

Leveraging SU24 can significantly reduce the effort involved in designing and maintaining roles and authorizations, as well as improve the transparency of roles.

You can learn more about SU24 in our blog series, but here is an example of how SU24 works. 

SU01D is a display transaction that always requires (at least) Activity 03 to work properly. As a result, you can add the combination of Activity 03 and TCODE SD01D to SU24. Then, the next time a role administrator adds SU01D to a role menu, the activity field and value get automatically added to the role — mitigating the need to manually insert the authorization data.

Transaction SU24 forms the basis for the secure and efficient creation of roles. Therefore, it is one of the most important transactions in the area of SAP security. Maintaining the values in SU24 is often overlooked, causing role creation and maintenance to be error-prone.

The Xiting Authorizations Management Suite (XAMS) includes tools with multiple integration points to help you automate the maintenance of your SU24 values. By optimizing SU24 values, the task of role creation and maintenance is significantly reduced.

Our Solution

The following XAMS modules can help you optimize SU24.

Role Profiler

Optimize SU24, identify issues in your existing roles and authorizations, and prevent issues in new roles from entering your production landscape.

ABAP Alchemist

Improve the quality and security of existing and new ABAP code, and quickly find reusable code via the API finder.

Role Builder

Virtually eliminate the need to test new roles or role changes through an innovative concept called Productive Test Simulation (PTS).

Learn how you can leverage SU24 to simplify role maintenance!

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