Identify and Mitigate Critical Authorizations

Regardless of whether you use single, derived, composite or even value (enabler) roles, maintaining your authorization concept is challenging and often resource-intensive. That’s why roles tend to deteriorate in quality over time — especially as your business processes change (due to mergers and acquisitions, for example).

The Role Profiler module is a solution consisting of over 95 analysis reports that can help you identify, fix and prevent quality problems in your roles and authorizations.

Role Profiler can help you perform:

  • Reporting and analysis: Quickly identify common issues, such as open or manual authorizations.
  • SU24 hardening: Assist in updating and maintaining your SAP proposal database (SU24).
  • Role versioning: Detect changes to roles and automatically create a new version that administrators can easily revert back to if the need arises.
  • Coverage analysis: Analyze role and transaction usage and coverage.
  • Segregation of duties violations: Detect roles with critical authorizations or combinations (SoD). XAMS can even be integrated with SAP GRC.
  • Display role enforcement: Identify display roles that contain authorizations that lead to more than display (e.g., change, delete, insert, etc.).
  • Critical access watchdogs: Identify roles with access to master or HR data.
  • SAP S/4HANA compatibility: Analyze role compatibility against the SAP S/4HANA Simplification List, and much more.

Our Solution

The following XAMS module can help you improve the quality and sustainability of your security roles and authorizations.

Role Profiler

Optimize SU24, identify issues in your existing roles and authorizations, and prevent issues in new roles from entering your production landscape.

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