Assign SAP Fiori authorizations based on the least-privilege principle!

Looking to identify the SAP Fiori apps currently in use in your system or considering introducing a new SAP Fiori app? The Fiori App Tracker, which is the latest feature of the Xiting Authorizations Management Suite, is the perfect tool for this job. It enables you to easily identify both currently used and necessary SAP Fiori apps and streamlining their integration into your role concept. 

As this information is not available in any trace data in SAP standard, making the Fiori App Tracker a valuable tool for simplifying Fiori administration and improving transparency in projects. It helps you to understand which Fiori apps are being used and which are not. This information is useful for optimizing Fiori roles and ensuring that users only have access to the apps they need. 

With the Fiori App Tracker, you can compare apps according to the principle of least privilege and track which apps are actually being used. This can help to minimize the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive data and improve the overall security of the system.

Another significant benefit is that it enables users to understand the forward navigation within Fiori Apps to related apps. This information can be useful for identifying the relationships between apps and optimizing the user experience. For example, if users frequently navigate from one app to another, combining these apps into roles and pages/spaces may be more efficient or simplify the navigation between them.

More transparency for Fiori Authorizations…

Fiori App Tracker

Simplify Your Fiori Administration and Improve Transparency in Projects!

The Xiting Fiori App Tracker is part of Support Pack 18 (SP18) of the Xiting Authorizations Management Suite (XAMS). It records app launches in the SAP Fiori Launchpad and provides the necessary transparency for designing authorization concepts based on the principle of least privilege. This tool effectively determines the actual need for used applications. The Fiori App Tracker offers the following advantages:

1. Transparency and traceability of Fiori app usage.

2. Easy setup and usage similar to Fiori app activation.

3. Integrated analysis and reorganization functions to increase efficiency.

The use of SAP Fiori requires the definition of the necessary Fiori Apps via App IDs or semantic object and action. The transparency for determining the actual usage of Fiori Apps is inherently lacking due to the architecture. This complicates the implementation of authorization concepts. The SAP standard does not provide sufficient transparency for a precise overview of used Fiori Apps and their integration into the role concept.

The Fiori App Tracker provides all the necessary information to clearly identify used Fiori Apps. In addition to general information about the user and the time of the call, technical detailed information such as the App ID (if available) or the semantic object and semantic action are provided, as well as catalog information output. Thus, all relevant information is provided to create business catalogs in SAP Fiori according to the minimal principle as needed, thereby effectively ensuring access security in the SAP system.

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Example Usage - Detail View
Example Usage - Summary View

The detail view offers a breakdown of individual app usage for each user, including semantic object and action, catalog, and target mapping. This view is useful for identifying optimization opportunities.

The summarized view provides a high-level overview of app usage, enabling users to identify trends and patterns across multiple apps quickly, while the consolidated report aggregates usage data to gain a holistic view of app usage and identify areas of improvement.


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