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SAP has recently announced changes to how the company measures and classifies user licenses. In the past, SAP determined the license category (i.e., Developer or Professional), based on a usage audit. In other words, a user was classified by what they actually did in the system and not by what they were authorized to do. As a result, over-authorized users did not impact the SAP license fees paid by the company. With the recent change in licensing models, SAP will classify users based on what they are authorized to do.

Going forward, SAP will stop measuring licenses based on usage. Instead, SAP will exclusively measure based on user authorizations. So if you assign SE38 to a Professional user, you will change the user’s licensing classification to Developer. Additionally, the new licensing mechanism will impact customers beyond the level of transactions; it will also make a difference if a user is authorized for DISPLAY or CHANGE access — even within the same transaction.

Xiting has developed a comprehensive suite of solutions that can help you identify over-authorized users and help you quickly design new and better-fitting roles. Additionally, Xiting’s virtual role cockpit in Role Designer alerts you if the changes you make to your role concept or individual roles will have an impact on the way your users are currently licensed. As a result, Xiting’s solutions enable you to streamline and optimize the way your users are licensed while making sure future role redesign projects do not result in increased license costs.

Our Solution

The following XAMS modules can help you correctly classify the licenses of SAP users and roles.

Role Designer

Create sustainable authorization concepts, perform a what-if analysis, scan for SoD conflicts during the design phase, and quickly migrate roles to SAP S/4HANA using a virtual role design cockpit.

Role Profiler

Optimize SU24, identify issues in your existing roles and authorizations, and prevent issues in new roles from entering your production landscape.

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