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Erwin Lachenmaier
Authorization Management

RFC Interface Cleanup in Detail

Due to insufficient maintenance efforts in the past, and therefore insecure interfaces, there is a strong need for many customers to act regarding the security of RFC interfaces, since these are generally not adequately secured and there are no effective access restrictions when used. The potential for abuse is correspondingly high, but is mostly underestimated by those responsible.

As part of the optimization process, the authorizations of RFC interface users are redesigned in your SAP system landscape to protect the RFC interfaces against misuse. Optionally, other technical system users can also be given new authorizations, such as for background processing (batch jobs). The service is based on SAP Best Practice recommendations and is carried out using the Xiting Authorizations Management Suite (XAMS).

When optimizing authorizations for RFC interface users, the authorizations are fundamentally reduced. In a few individual cases (<1%), extensions may be necessary if they are not critical and are useful for stable operation. To further increase overall RFC security, the SAP gateways can optionally be checked and secured, UCON implemented, and RFC call-back scenarios consolidated. However, the implementation depends on the SAP release being used on the customer side, and should only be carried out with the XAMS analysis tools after a successful authorization optimization.

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