Success Story: REMA TIP TOP AG

Successful project carried out by partners Xiting GmbH and
Syntax GmbH enables efficient user management and standardized workflows for REMA TIP TOP AG

The implementation of Xiting‘s newly developed software solution “Xiting Central Workflows (XCW)” for the German global group, REMA TIP TOP AG, was carried out in partnership with Syntax GmbH. Complementary to the previously performed authorization redesign, carried out using the Xiting  Authorizations Management Suite (XAMS), the new XCW solution enables the automation of workflows and the implementation of standardized workflows according to SAP Best Practice. As a result, efficient and traceable user management was achieved, while paper-based user and role application processes are now a thing of the past.

„The introduction of the XCW alongside a previously performed authorization redesign has met our expectations of the software in every respect. Above all, our employees have experienced real added value through the self-services. The project was implemented quickly and with very little need for coordination.“

Wolfgang Schwarzhuber, Head of SAP / ERP Coordinator, REMA TIP TOP AG


As part of this first partnership project for the introduction of the software solution Xiting Central Workflows, both consulting firms, Xiting GmbH and Syntax GmbH, had the common goal of implementing standardized workflows according to SAP Best Practice for the customer, REMA TIP TOP AG.

The functionalities of XCW enabled the group-wide replacement of previous paper-based user and role application processes and the automation of work-flows with very little implementation effort. The increased susceptibility to error, due to many manual interventions, was significantly minimized. Achieving granularity in role assignment was an additional objective. By doing so, the status quo of the user management in the SAP ABAP system, achieved through an already performed authorization redesign with the help of the XAMS, could be preserved.


From a technical point of view, the central provisioning in two productive systems was particularly challenging during the project implementation. In addition, the paper-based user and role application processes posed a significant administrative challenge for the customer, in terms of comprehensible management of identities and authorizations in the SAP system. As a result of their integration into the system landscape, the XCW software solution now ensures transparent processes and automatically documents these in compliance with the audit requirements.


The transparent communication with the customer in a partnership-led cooperation enabled a successful project implementation as well as a fast product integration into the daily business operation at REMA TIP TOP AG. The setup of the self-service for password resets and the modern user experience through the intuitive SAP Fiori interfaces of XCW led to the highest level of employee and customer satisfaction.

The successful know-how transfer between both partners and customer created the ideal basic prerequisite for a future problem-free SAP S/4HANA migration at REMA TIP TOP AG.

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