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To be sustainable in the long run, your security concept must keep pace with a business that is constantly adapting due to continuous improvement, market influences and other factors. Our security support services enable you to maintain your company’s SAP landscape security in a secure manner.

We offer a wide range of services that are custom-tailored to your company’s specific requirements. Our SAP security consultants always ensure they use the SAP Best Practice methodology to find the best solution to meet your needs. Our goal is to help you take total control of your system security.

Since April 2018, our support center in Cluj (Romania) has also offered remote support for the SAP authorization services listed below. We can fully guarantee our high quality standards for both locations.

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Alessandro Banzer
SAP Security Support Hotline: +1 855 594 84 64
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Mátyás Pattantyus
SAP Security Support Hotline: +49 7656 8999003
[email protected]

Role management

We maintain your existing roles and create new ones according to your specifications while following SAP Best Practice. In this way, you can rest assured that your roles are secure and always up to date. Throughout this process we will advise you about how to achieve your goals while always being vigilant for critical authorizations and combinations that might otherwise affect the integrity of your authorization concept.

User management

Users join and leave the company and change departments, and business processes change over time. We ensure that all users have the required authorizations for their jobs. We also scan for user level SoD conflicts that can appear through a combination of role assignments.

SU24 maintenance

Correct maintenance of SU24 is the basis of a sustainable role concept. We maintain your SU24 values to fit your individual customizing. In this way, we create and maintain sustainable roles tailored to your unique company requirements.

Emergency Access Management Monitoring

Using the XAMS we can monitor when and why users signed out an emergency user, giving you control and oversight of your emergency access management.

Internal Control System monitoring with XAMS

We provide you with continuous reporting and feedback of all security-related aspects of your systems – such as when your security-related system parameters change, for example. This means that you will always be secure and prepared for the next security audit.

Post-upgrade processing

We provide an authorizations upgrade service to ensure that your roles are up-to-date and synchronized with the latest SAP authorizations proposals after you have upgraded your SAP systems.

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The support and service models of Xiting are defined on a customer-specific basis and can be adapted flexibly to your requirements and wishes.


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