Area of SSO Expertise | On-Premise

  • SAP Single Sign-On 3.0 and SNC Client Encryption 2.0 including migration support from third-party SNC solutions
  • Holistic advice on all common SSO standards and their correct use in the SAP environments
  • Encryption of SAP communication protocols and interfaces using Secure Network Communications (SNC) and Transport Layer Security (TLS)
  • Hardening your CommonCryptoLib and SSO related profile parameters
  • Implementing communication security and single sign-on for your
    traditional SAP Business Suite and S/4HANA applications:
    • SAP GUI, SAP Business Client, SAP Analysis for Office/BEx
    • SAP HANA Cockpit and Studio (SAP HANA XSA)
    • SAP Fiori Launchpad and SAP Gateway
    • SAP ABAP based web-applications (ICF-services)
    • SAP Enterprise Portal and AS Java-based web-applications
    • SAP BusinessObjects including BI client tools
  • Supporting design and integration with your PKI (public key infrastructure)
  • Implement the automation of certificate provisioning and renewal (SAP certificate lifecycle management) for on-premises SAP systems
    (ABAP and Java) using the CLM-capabilities of SAP Secure Login Server
  • Designing strategies to securely expose your internal SAP applications while utilizing existing components such as reverse proxies, web dispatchers
  • Integrating with modern solutions like Azure Active Directory Application Proxy and cloud-based security components
  • Considering complex Active Directory environments with multiple domains and forests
  • Outlining approaches for implementing Identity Federation
    scenarios and integrations with existing Identity Providers
  • Integrate with further IT components, cloud systems
    and SaaS applications including non-SAP applications
  • Support integration with mobile devices and MDM gateways
  • Integration with hardware tokens (smartcards) and hardware security modules
  • Providing multi-factor authentication (MFA) for SAP GUI and
  • Implementation of projects for contactless authentication
    using RFID-devices (Warehouse and Kiosk-scenarios)
  • Supporting projects in the area of digital signatures and
    re-authentication (SSF)

Area of SSO Expertise | Cloud

SAP Cloud Identity Services (Focus on Identity Authentication)

  • Connecting the service with your SAP SaaS solutions like SAC, C4C, IBP, SFSF, Ariba, and others
  • Connecting BTP subaccounts to your SAP Cloud Identity Services tenants  (Identity Authentication) and corporate identity providers
  • Integrate IAS with your on-premises and Non-SAP SaaS applications using OIDC or SAML for SSO
  • Setup identity provider (IdP) proxy mode, flexible SAML attribute and group mappings and merging, combining identity data from SAP Cloud Identity Services and corporate IdP
  • Risk-based authentication in IdP proxy and federation scenarios
  • Outlining different user-onboarding scenarios
    (SCIM and IDM integration) possible with the
    SAP Cloud Identity Services (IAS and IPS)
  • Integrating the service with your on-premise user store (AD)
  • Configure SPNEGO for easy SSO towards SAP’s Business Technology Platform and SaaS applications
  • Configure social sign-on scenarios supporting B2B and B2C

SAP Cloud Connector

  • Secure configuration and hardening of your cloud connector
  • Connecting your cloud applications with your corporate user store
  • Configuring Principal Propagation for seamless SSO towards
    your on-premises SAP systems like SAP S/4HANA

Integration with Non-SAP cloud solutions

  • Integrating Microsoft Power BI for seamless SSO towards your
    SAP BW or S/4HANA systems using CommonCryptoLib and Kerberos
  • Integrating the SAP security landscape with existing third-party identity providers like Azure, ADFS, Shibboleth, Open AM, BIG-IP, and others
  • Integrating with Microsoft Azure Active Directory as an authentication instance. Utilizing security features like Conditional Access for further restricting and controlling access towards SAP applications.
  • Consulting for scenarios to securely expose on-premises applications using cloud gateways like MSFT AAD Application Proxy or others

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