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Efficient Identity and Access Management for Small Businesses

In a digitized world where secure and efficient Identity and Access Management is crucial, the Xiting QuickStart Implementation Service provides a future-proof solution for your business. Specifically designed for small businesses not currently utilizing Identity Management, our service aims to streamline and standardize your SAP cloud infrastructure effortlessly.

Core Aspects of this Service

Fast and best-practice-based implementation

With the Xiting QuickStart Implementation Service, we swiftly set up SAP Cloud Identity Services, enabling you to immediately benefit from essential features for user authentication and provisioning.

Pilot implementation for customized solutions

We conduct a pilot implementation to configure two SAP cloud applications and establish identity federation between your IAS tenant and your existing identity provider.

Integration and automation

By applying the SCIM standard, we integrate Entra ID as your primary source system and automate identity lifecycle management using group concepts, filters, and JSON transformations.


What does this Service cover?

Our Objectives

Our primary goal is to establish a tailored, agile, and secure environment for access and identity management across your hybrid SAP systems. By implementing SAP Cloud Identity Services within your organization, we ensure you benefit from seamless, secure, and efficient management of user identities.

Benefits for Your Company

Secure management

Our service guarantees efficient and secure management of user access and identities, which is crucial for small and medium-sized businesses without existing IDM solutions.

Cost efficiency

By standardizing and automating processes, you save time and resources, thereby reducing operational costs.


Implementing SAP Cloud Identity Services ensures that your organization is well-prepared for future technological advancements in SAP BTP and SAP SaaS.

More information

Learn more about the benefits of our Xiting QuickStart Implementation Service in our blog and detailed flyer, which you can view here. Let’s work together to future-proof your SAP Cloud Identity and Access Management requirements.

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