Identity and Access Management

Automation of Identity Lifecycle Management

Identity Lifecycle Management

Automation of User and Authorization Management

If you have already gained experience in the area of SAP cloud applications (BTP & SaaS), you may have noticed that the creation and authorization of users often occurs manually and in a decentralized manner. Users must be manually created and authorized in the various SAP cloud systems. Authorization roles are manually created, assigned, and revoked. With SAP’s increasing focus on the cloud, this manual user and authorization management requires a high administrative effort.

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Automated user and authorization management increases efficiency and security, reduces errors and costs, and improves compliance.


Centralized identity and access management enables efficient control, reduces administrative effort and ensures security and compliance requirements.


Automation reduces operating costs and susceptibility to errors, increases efficiency and accuracy and reduces administrative costs by replacing manual processes.

Identity and Access Management

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SAP Cloud Identity Services

The SAP has developed the SAP Cloud Identity Services, an integrated solution specifically designed to address these challenges and assist you in automating the identity lifecycle for your SAP cloud applications. There are various application scenarios for automation with or without IAM solutions. This use case focuses on automation without an IAM solution.

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Thanks to our best practice workshops and comprehensive consulting in the area of ID lifecycle management in the SAP cloud environment, we ensure that you are optimally prepared. As an experienced partner, you benefit from Xiting in both cloud and on-premises SAP security.

In addition to standard user and authorization management processes, we also implement SAP-specific scenarios. We also offer a service for the implementation and configuration of SAP Cloud Identity Services for small to medium-sized companies. Further information can be found here.

Our Solution

SAP Cloud Identity Services (SCI), including the Identity Provisioning Service (IPS) and Identity Authentication Service (IAS), enable the central mapping and management of the ID lifecycle and various authentication scenarios for SAP cloud systems. The IPS automates the synchronization of users and authorization roles from a central system into the SAP cloud landscape and supports role-based access controls using the SCIM protocol. This automation significantly reduces manual effort and ensures consistent synchronization.

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Use Cases

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Integration of SAP Cloud Identity Services

Extend your existing ID lifecycle processes through SAP Cloud Identity Services.

SAP BTP & SCI Best Practices

The key use cases in the realm of SAP BTP & Cloud Identity Services are described through practical examples.


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