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Emergency Access Management (EAM)

Emergency Access Management (EAM)

Emergency User Management temporarily extends access while ensuring audit compliance

When implementing Emergency Access Management (EAM), companies face challenges in maintaining audit compliance and transparency while managing emergency access to SAP systems. Traditional solutions often require users to “check out” firefighter accounts, complicating user continuity and transparency.


What you need to know

EAM-Functions in XAMS

Comprehensive Emergency Access Management (EAM) features in XAMS for enforcing SAP system access policies during emergencies.

elevated access

Temporary elevated access can be requested through self-service, subject to manager approval.


Ensures user continuity, enhancing audit compliance and transparency compared to other EAM solutions.


What do we cover?

Your challenge

Xiting addresses these challenges by offering a solution that allows end-users to maintain their own accounts during emergency access, streamlining the process and enhancing transparency. Our goal is to provide a seamless experience for users while ensuring audit compliance.

Our Objectives

To achieve this goal, Xiting’s EAM capabilities in Xiting Authorizations Management Suite (XAMS) enable companies to implement policies governing emergency access. Users can request temporary elevated access through a self-service transaction, with approvals by managers or other pre-defined personas. Additionally, access can be granted immediately and reviewed later.

Our Solution

By providing a user-centric approach and eliminating the need for firefighter accounts, Xiting’s solution enhances transparency and audit compliance. Our ultimate goal is to offer a comprehensive EAM solution that meets the needs of modern enterprises, ensuring efficient emergency access management without compromising security or transparency.

Your Contact

Alessandro Banzer
Head of GRC

Use Cases

Our TOP Use Cases

Emergency Access Management (EAM)

Temporary access extensions in compliance with audit regulations

Cross-system Risk Analysis and SoD

Enhanced risk analysis and segregation of duties (SoD) across systems

Next-Level Ruleset Management

The Xiting Content Platform (XCP) provides a marketplace for rule sets

Identity Consolidation

Consolidate local users into global identities for comprehensive analysis

Our Solution

Essential XAMS Modules

Role Builder

The Role Builder, combined with Xiting Times, offers a unique technology: Productive Test Simulation (PTS).

Xiting Times

Ensure effective risk mitigation during the operationalization of new authorizations with Protected Go-Live (PGL).


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