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SAP Vulnerability & Compliance Monitoring (ICS)

SAP Vulnerability and Compliance Monitoring

Monitor vulnerabilities and compliance requirements automatically and centrally .

A key success factor for sustainably increasing the security of SAP systems is continuous vulnerability and compliance monitoring in order to preventively identify weaknesses and thus minimize attack surfaces for potential threats.

Internal control systems (ICS) such as our Security Architect solution can be used to set up such SAP Vulnerability & Compliance Monitoring. The Security Architect continuously checks for vulnerabilities in accordance with established compliance standards.

What do we offer?


Comprehensive monitoring, analysis, and management of SAP security through approximately 150 pre-built and configurable compliance and vulnerability assessments for centralized monitoring of your SAP systems.


Our solution includes the delivery and verification of best practice guidelines for SAP Security & Compliance, such as DSAG, SAP Baseline Template, and GDPR, ensuring that your systems consistently meet the highest standards of security and data protection.


Vulnerabilities and compliance violations are monitored and tracked through alerting, security reports, and dashboards, ensuring that you are promptly notified and can take targeted actions to address them.

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How Security Architect can help you

Central ICS for Automated SAP Security Checks

The aim of the Security Architect is to establish a central ICS to automatically identify security gaps and vulnerabilities in connected SAP satellite systems and databases and to track these in the long term before these insecurity factors can be responsible for a successful attack.

The more than 150 security checks in Security Architect are based on various SAP best practices and cover compliance requirements and security standards such as SAP Baseline Security, DSAG and GDPR from different areas of SAP security.

Effective Management of Vulnerabilities

The Security Architect offers functions such as alerting and a framework for mitigation control to manage vulnerabilities and compliance violations. This allows you to identify and prioritize security-critical events and take appropriate action.

With Xiting’s Security Architect, you have a powerful tool for compliance and vulnerability analysis of your SAP systems. It enables you to comprehensively monitor, analyze and manage the security settings and policies of your systems and supports you in the integration of holistic security monitoring.

The innovative SIEM Cockpit from Xiting

The holistic security monitoring approach can be completed by establishing a real-time SAP Security Monitoring & Threat Detection solution with our SIEM Cockpit. With the Xiting SIEM Cockpit, you can identify real-time events in your SAP systems and forward them to your SIEM system. Intelligent filters and the threat detection of the SIEM Cockpit can detect attacks and misuse and reduce false positives.

Thanks to its many years of experience in numerous compliance and security projects, Xiting has extensive know-how and the necessary expertise to support you with the introduction of SAP Vulnerability & Compliance Monitoring and to tailor it to your requirements.

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SAP Security Monitoring: Vulnerability and Compliance (ICS)

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Relevant XAMS-Modules

Security Architect

This tool enables centralized security monitoring, with which we can also carry out user-defined checks.

Siem Connector

This solution for centralized security monitoring enables companies to better protect SAP systems against internal and external threats and reduce vulnerabilities.

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