Cybersecurity Management

Real-Time SAP Security Monitoring & Threat Detection

Real-Time Security Monitoring and Threat Detection

Real-time SAP Security Monitoring in Your SAP Landscape

SAP security monitoring in the form of monitoring defined system settings and checks does not have to be complicated or time-consuming. By identifying security gaps and introducing security requirements, you can already achieve a good security standard today.

Cyber criminals still find new ways to penetrate systems step by step over a period of months. As a result, attacks are often only noticed too late and vulnerabilities are exploited.

What do we offer?


Real-time log analysis and threat detection with over 50 pre-built and configurable attack detection patterns, along with a framework for developing and defining custom patterns.


Our solution enables centralized monitoring and integration of your entire SAP landscape, including on-premise and cloud applications.


Our solution allows integration with external SIEM systems to establish cross-application security monitoring and a cybersecurity framework that provides comprehensive threat detection and analysis across your entire IT infrastructure.


Holistic Security Monitoring with Xitings innovative Tools

Real-time SAP Security monitoring with Xiting SIEM Cockpit

Attack detection systems are used as a solution to identify correlations between the various logs collected in the SAP systems and to issue alerts about threats in real time. Depending on requirements, these alerts can be sent by e-mail or forwarded directly to an application-neutral SIEM system (SIEM = Security Information Event Management).

With our Xiting SIEM Cockpit solution, we can set up such an SAP Security Monitoring & Threat Detection solution for your entire SAP landscape within just a few days and monitor connected SAP satellite systems and HANA databases for security events and threats.

Seamless Integration for Enhanced Cyber Security

Since cyber attacks often cross application boundaries and spread to other applications, the SAP Security Monitoring & Threat Detection architecture set up with the SIEM Cockpit can be very easily integrated into an application-neutral SIEM system in order to recognize attack patterns between applications at an early stage, create synergies and initiate measures as quickly as possible.

Our Expertise

The SIEM Cockpit makes it possible to monitor even large SAP landscapes for threats in real time and therefore serves as a decisive building block for us for the integration and development of a holistic security monitoring approach and cybersecurity framework.

Thanks to its many years of experience in numerous compliance and security projects, Xiting has extensive know-how and the necessary expertise to support you in implementing an SAP security monitoring and threat detection solution.

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Real-Time SAP Security Monitoring & Threat Detection

Our solution

Relevant XAMS Modules

Security Architect

This tool enables centralized security monitoring, with which we can also carry out user-defined checks.

Siem Connector

This solution for centralized security monitoring enables companies to better protect SAP systems against internal and external threats and reduce vulnerabilities.

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