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In the course of the new Service Pack 17 of the Xiting Authorizations Management Suite (XAMS), we will show you a selected series of use cases with which you can sustainably ensure your SAP security in exciting live webinars starting in May 2022.

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Handling of EAM scenarios such as emergency users with audit-compliant logging This webinar shows you the main improvements to the new XAMS Service Pack 17 for Extended Access Management (EAM). In particular, the focus is on the Fiori applications for the request for a Xiting Times session as well as the testing of the Xiting Times workflows.

In our webinar you will, of course, also see how you can easily assign extended rights or emergency rights to end users via a "backpack" with our innovative tool, the Xiting Authorizations Management Suite (XAMS). Thus, the end user receives the required critical authorizations for a temporarily limited period of time and still continues working with his own user (context).
This principle enables transparent traceability when your users have to provide system support that pose a risk.

In this webinar you will learn...
• how to overcome the challenges of assigning emergency authorizations.
• how to use Xiting Times as a solution for the Extended Access Management (EAM) process.
• which Fiori tiles are available to you in order to apply the above process.
• to what extent the above-mentioned process has been further improved with the new release.

This webinar presents one of three use cases on the occasion of the new XAMS release SP17.
3.6.202216:00 CEST1 hour
Simplified management of authorization roles along the organizational structure with non-level and level fields In this webinar you will learn to what extent the new Service Pack 17 of XAMS further simplifies the handling of organizational levels and similar features. The SAP-specific organizational structure consisting of company codes, creations, etc. can be mapped in XAMS using the Role Replicator. Based on this, it is possible to derive roles according to your organizational structure.

At times, however, it can happen that individual fields in authorization objects are not categorized as organizational level, but still differ in their value specific to each organization. With XAMS SP17, non-organization level fields can also be taken into account in this context.

In this webinar you will learn…
• how to create mass standard-compliant roles along your organizational structure.
• how to insert non-level fields, such as the company area PERSA.
• how to flexibly and easily align the organization sets according to your business needs.

This webinar presents one of three use cases on the occasion of the new XAMS release SP17.

8.7.202216:00 CEST1 hour

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