SAP Security Hardening – Implement Security by Design and Zero Trust

In the age of cybercrime and the ever-evolving loopholes it is of utmost importance to implement a zero trust strategy and security by design to effectively harden any IT system, including SAP. Xiting, as one of the world-leading solution providers for SAP Security, emphasizes on the following four core factors:

  • Security by Design
  • Monitoring and responding to unauthorized access
  • Realtime notifications and escalations
  • Centralized security audit and compliance reporting

When effectively and efficiently securing SAP systems, it is important to set a baseline that defines “security by design”. Oftentimes, SAP security takes a back seat especially during projects like new

implementations, upgrades, patches, etc. This, however, can be avoided when a baseline is set and active measures are put in place to make it secure from the start. For example, when migrating from SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA, the project team is put under a lot of pressure to get the migration project completed in time and on budget. Due to that, shortcuts are taken and security is compromised.

What are Today’s Key Challenges?

The IT infrastructure, including the SAP landscape, has become an integral part of the intelligent enterprise as IT systems provide the business with applications to effortlessly manage their business processes. With SAP S/4HANA and the rise of cloud solutions and cloud-based systems, SAP encourages their customers to adopt new SAP applications and integrations, mostly cloud-based, to better scale and implement quicker (rapid deployment).

The adoption of cloud applications and hosting applications in the cloud creates the need for additional interfaces and connectivity beyond a customers’ own network. This creates hybrid landscapes that must be managed securely as cloud-based applications are open to the world and hence require an additional level of security. With an increase in cyber threats and cyber incidents, it’s important to focus on security by design and zero trust, as well as continuous compliance monitoring to identify and manage threats before they occur.


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