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XAMS is an SAP security solution for role design and maintenance, scanning of custom ABAP code as well as the validation of customized SAP security concepts.

Save time and money using the Xiting Authorizations Management Suite

Nowadays companies focus on restrictive authorizations management, influenced by published auditing standards and legal regulations. That leads to revisions or creation of entirely new authorization concepts. The implementation of such projects is a challenge in every respect, requiring a professional understanding of the underlying business processes, technical knowledge of the SAP authorization scheme, and also a methodically and efficiently run project.

Every SAP role admin remembers those critical and time-consuming phases in projects where the entire attention was directed at their work and decisions.

Xiting Authorizations Management Suite (XAMS) is a solution which can help to shorten project times while increasing the chances of success dramatically.

Using XAMS, Xiting offers a best-practice approach to the integrated management of SAP authorizations in NetWeaver ABAP, with an ROI that can be reached after just one year.

XAMS Overview - ROI
XAMS Overview – ROI

Learn how to be quicker and more efficient with XAMS

Xiting Authorizations Management Suite offers seven different modules which can be deployed individually or in combination.

ABAP Alchemist

ABAP Alchemist can help you to optimize custom ABAP code and correct errors when implementing authorization checks. It also offers recommendations for implementing additional security controls that have not to date been applied to the source code. Suggested improvements can prevent possible weaknesses, and potential security gaps can then be closed.

Role Builder

Role Builder features a unique technology called Productive Test Simulation (PTS). Using this technology, role administrators can test new roles in a production environment without negatively affecting end-users.

Role Designer

Role Designer enables role administrators to design new roles virtually and to test those new roles against segregation of duties (SoD) conflicts and other issues. Additionally, the newly created roles can be virtually assigned to end-user to determine how well users would be covered as compared to historical trace data.

Role Replicator

Role Replicator can help to significantly reduce the time and effort involved in the maintenance of organizational fields. Role administrators can virtually model the organization through so-called Org Sets, for example, based on geographic location, business unit or a combination thereof. Once the model has been created, role administrators can assign template roles and then mass-replicate roles across all the other Org Sets.

Role Profiler

Role Profiler speeds up the design and creation of new roles and checks the quality and robustness of existing ones. An extensive set of analysis reports help you test the maturity and quality of your roles while offering improvement recommendations.

Xiting Times

Xiting Times can be used to eliminate the risk during Go-Live. In the event of authorization errors, end-users can check out their old roles through a self-service mechanism and keep them for a temporary period – similar to other emergency access management (EAM) or Firefighter concepts.

Security Architect

Security Architect delivers ready-to-use security concepts for SAP that are based on best practices, SAP’s security guidelines and Xiting’s decades of experience in the field of SAP security.

XAMS Lifecycle
XAMS Lifecycle

Based on an ROI analysis from one of our audit partners and our experience we have determined that using XAMS can enable time savings of up to 75%. That’s only made possible through the automation of tasks that, traditionally, have to be carried out manually during most role redesign projects. XAMS assists you during the entire project phase to maintain a sustainable role concept that’s compliant with SAP best practices.

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