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Attacks on SAP systems are on the increase because this is where a company’s most important data is stored. Although preventive measures can make an external attack as difficult as possible, statistics show that most companies are still affected. Data theft or manipulation is often only noticed when it’s already too late. With Enterprise Threat Detection, SAP offers a security event management solution for real-time monitoring of your entire SAP landscape and automated detection of critical events through pattern recognition.

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SAP Enterprise Threat Detection in Detail

Cyber attacks, espionage, data theft and fraud are on the rise. Three-quarters of all companies are affected, and malicious cyber activity has cost the U.S. economy between $57 billion and $109 billion in 2016. SAP systems are often the focus of such attacks.

The foundation for any SAP security concept should be preventive measures, such as customized authorizations. Although this keeps the user’s radius of action as small as necessary, in a system landscape consisting of many individual SAP systems it is virtually impossible to control whether and when this concept is circumvented, or whether and when new security gaps are exploited. For many customers, SAP systems are therefore a black box for critical processes and user behavior. If cyber attacks are even noticed at all, this happens too late, when the damage has already been done.


SAP Enterprise Threat Detection (SAP ETD) was developed for exactly this problem. With SAP ETD, you can get real-time, accurate insight into every critical action across your entire SAP system landscape. SAP ETD is a security event management and monitoring solution that enables you to detect, analyze, and neutralize cyber attacks. The real-time monitoring functionality enables you to intervene before damage is done.

The definition of patterns allows critical events to be detected automatically without you having to actively monitor the data. As soon as a critical action is detected, you are immediately notified (for example, by e-mail or by forwarding the attack information to your existing SIEM system). You can then use the graphical tools of SAP ETD to investigate the incident and collect evidence from the log data. Because SAP ETD runs directly on the SAP HANA in-memory database, it offers the highest possible efficiency and performance for complex real-time analyses.

We offer various security and operational services in the area of SAP ETD. These include:

  • Consulting, development and implementation of the various application options of SAP ETD, such as patterns, dashboards and investigations
  • Advice on security event monitoring, alert handling, forensic analysis and risk analysis
  • Setup, installation and configuration of SAP ETD
  • Consulting on the operating business of the solution
  • Integration of SIEM systems
  • Connecting non-SAP log sources

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