Engagement in climate protection for a secure future

Xiting is especially concerned about the well-being of our environment, which is why we are committed to sustainable climate and environmental protection. Since September 2019, we have been successfully pursuing the goal of operating as a 100% CO2-neutral company and thus to offset our emissions. This is done by supporting reforestation projects in which trees are planted, thereby reducing greenhouse gases.

Our position is based on the scientific reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which, in Xiting’s view, represent a substantial source of evidence for the current climate crisis.

Forests without Frontiers

Since fall 2021, Xiting has been supporting the Forests without Frontiers reforestation project in Romania. In the past fall 2021 planting campaign, the non-profit organization planted 5,000 trees for Xiting in the Romanian Carpathian Mountains. The goal is to plant native trees to dedicate to the reforestation of damaged landscapes.

The organization plants exclusively twice a year in clear-cut areas where natural reforestation would not take place (85,000 trees since 2019). Only natural, biodiverse species are used, grown and maintained locally in legally protected areas adjacent to existing natural forests. Its main partner is the Foundation Conservation Carpathia (FCC), which is working to establish the largest forested national park in Europe.

Since Xiting has a location in Cluj, Romania, this allows us to work directly, locally with the organization on site.

Europe’s Amazon in the Carpathian Mountains

Romania contains some of the largest tracts of old-growth forest left in Europe and is home to wolves, brown bear, lynx and over a third of European plant species. Large-scale, uncontrolled logging has, however, decimated the landscape. Ecologists call it the biggest crisis of nature protection in Europe today, and yet there is still very little awareness that “Europe’s Amazon” is becoming increasingly fractured.

Forests Without Frontiers pursues the goal to protect existing areas of the ancient forest, restore degraded land, and rebuild essential wildlife corridors. The reforestation programme is regenerating previously forested areas through sensitive large-scale mixed-species tree planting, in areas adjacent to and buffering existing natural forests. These are areas that have been brutally clear-cut, located at high altitudes closed to alpine areas and where natural regeneration has not occurred. In these kinds of areas, intervention helps to bring nature back much faster, enabling the restoration of complex ecosystems.

Are you interested in our projects?

Would you like your company to commit itself to climate protection, but don’t know what steps to take? Our sustainability team is happy to provide information about the Xiting Climate Protection Program. Please contact [email protected]!

Our Climate Customers

Xiting has been actively committed to climate protection since 2019 and operates as a 100% CO2-neutral company. At the beginning, this was done by supporting the Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation – a reforestation project in which trees are planted on the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico. Since 2022 Xiting plants all of its trees with  Forests Without Frontiers twice a year.

Here we present companies with which we actively pursue climate partnerships. By using Xiting services, we plant trees in our reforestation project in return, thus also giving climate partners the opportunity to take action quickly.

Our Certificates

Forests Without Frontiers

Xiting & Climeworks

In addition to Forest Without Frontiers, we also provide monthly support for Climeworks in Zurich. This future-oriented company has been developing innovative technologies for quite some time, and has developed a method to filter CO2 directly from the air by means of a complex filter technology. After filtering, the C02 is converted into stone. This approach is particularly efficient, as large quantities of CO2 can be filtered directly from the air and collected as concentrated CO2 gas for supplying customers (or for negative emission technologies). The CO2-free air is finally released back into the atmosphere. This continuous cycle is then ready to start again. The filter is reused several times and lasts a few thousand cycles.

As research into this complex technology needs to be advanced, and because the construction of the filter systems is still expensive at this stage, support from sustainability-minded companies is necessary to ensure continued development of this promising approach.

More Xiting Projects

School sponsorship in South Africa

Since 2011, Xiting has sponsored children who attend a farm school in South Africa’s northern Mapungubwe region. Our sponsorship covers books, food, school uniforms, transportation, tuition fees, and equipment necessary for school operations – thus having a significant and positive impact on life in the community.

In 2013, this sponsorship was extended to support scientific research programs, paving the way for the identification of local plant and insect species (some of which were previously undiscovered).


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