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The SAP Insider EMEA Conference, one of the most significant events in the realm of SAP applications, is right around the corner. From November 14th to 16th, Copenhagen will become the gathering place for industry experts and technology enthusiasts from around the globe. The conference will delve into critical topics that hold immense relevance in the era of transformation and digitalization.

Xiting will be present as well, offering you the opportunity to explore our pioneering SAP security solutions and strategies. Meet us in person at the conference to acquaint yourself with the latest advancements in an ever-evolving SAP landscape. We look forward to joining you in exploring new perspectives and successfully overcoming the challenges of today’s business world.

Visit our exhibition booth to gain exciting insights into our innovative projects and services. Our experts are looking forward to engaging discussions on the following focal points:

For more information about the conference, the preliminary agenda, and tickets for the SAP Insider EMEA Conference here.

We look forward to welcoming you!

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Join us for our presentations at this year's SAP Insider EMEA Conference. More information can be found below.

presentation 1

Impact 20 | Cybersecurity

Mastering RFC Security: Turbocharge Your SAP System with SAP UCON and Authorization Management

The digital revolution is accelerating at an unprecedented pace, placing security and performance at the forefront of business priorities. Remote Function Calls (RFCs) play a vital role in these priorities, enabling seamless data exchange but often acting as a gateway to vulnerabilities. This session will explore how businesses can harness the synergy of SAP’s Unified Connectivity (UCON) framework and sound authorization management to bolster security and efficiency in RFCs. SAP UCON adds a robust layer of protection by preventing unnecessary external access to Remote Function Modules (RFMs). However, while UCON restricts external access, it doesn’t regulate user-level access; that’s where tailored authorizations come into play. By effectively reauthorizing RFC users, the risks of over-privileged RFC interfaces and corresponding technical users can be minimized without hindering operational flow. The combination of these two elements offers a comprehensive solution for securing and optimizing your SAP systems.

You will:

  • Gain practical insights into how these tools can be used, potential challenges that might be encountered, and how to maximize their potential to benefit your business operations.

  • Explore how to configure and leverage SAP UCON for RFC interface security, and the critical role of the default communication assembly.

  • Understand why SAP UCON is not a standalone solution and why proper user-level authorization management is required.

  • Learn how XAMS enhances role building and testing, streamlines RFC authorization creation, and optimizes RFC interfaces with minimal operational disruption.

  • Learn the synergistic benefits of utilizing both SAP UCON and XAMS in securing and optimizing SAP systems, including an understanding of the dual-check process in SAP’s security framework.

  • Discover best practices and practical steps for harnessing the power of standard solutions in your SAP system.

presentation 2

Breakout Session | GRC

Harnessing the Power: Maximizing IAM Efficiency with SAP Cloud IAG

This session will provide a robust exploration of how SAP Cloud Identity Access Governance (SAP Cloud IAG) empowers businesses to conquer these challenges head-on. Within this session’s framework, we will delve into the capabilities of SAP Cloud IAG as a potent service from the SAP Business Technology Platform Cloud Platform (SCP). We will unpack how it operates in tandem with, rather than as a replacement for, SAP Access Control, thereby enhancing SAP’s existing GRC solutions. We will guide you through the SAP Cloud IAG’s intuitive, dashboard-driven interface, highlighting how it simplifies IAM tasks in the cloud, bolstering security, and fortifying compliance practices.

As we unravel the suite of SAP Cloud IAG’s offerings – from self-service access requests to in-depth access risk analysis and role design – attendees will glean insights into how these services can operate both independently and collaboratively, providing a flexible, tailored approach to IAM. By joining this action-oriented presentation, participants will equip themselves with knowledge and strategies to fully harness the power of SAP Cloud IAG, thereby maximizing efficiency, ensuring compliance, and optimizing IAM operations in their respective organizations.

You will:

  • Streamline IAM processes.
  • Navigate the intuitive, dashboard-driven interface of SAP Cloud IAG, mastering how to streamline complex IAM tasks in both on-premise and cloud environments.
  • Maximize compliance practices by leveraging SAP Cloud IAG’s comprehensive access risk analysis capabilities, enhancing compliance and mitigating security risks in your organization.
  • Harness self-service access requests and understand the benefits and procedures of self-service access requests for on-premise and cloud applications, boosting efficiency and user autonomy.
  • Master role design by diving deep into the role design capabilities of SAP Cloud IAG, learning to create and manage roles effectively for optimal access governance.
  • Customize identity and access management.
  • Discover the flexibility of SAP Cloud IAG’s services while gaining insights into how you can operate both independently and collaboratively, allowing you to customize IAM solutions tailored to your unique business needs.
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